19 Healthy Soups For Weight Loss (Roundup)

healthy soups

Why I Love Healthy Soups

Sometimes it’s a good idea to give your digestive system a break. I love making healthy soups during the fall and winter. It doesn’t take long to prepare a soup and you can use virtually anything in the kitchen, even leftovers. Soups are a cheap and satisfying way to get your veggies in. The majority of canned soups contain a high amount of sodium, which can affect your blood pressure. So, making your own homemade soups ensures that you know what is in your meal.You can prepare them ahead of time for a warm on-the-go lunch. 


19 Healthy Soup Recipes


healthy soupsHealthy Chicken Soup by Sommer


healthy soupsAsparagus Soup by Danae


healthy soupsBroccoli Soup by Lexi


healthy soupsPumpkin & Ginger Soup By Elana


healthy soupsCauliflower Soup by Tarla


healthy soupsChicken and Bean Soup by Julia


untitled-design-8Tomato Soup By Ceara


untitled-design-9Creamy Mushroom Soup By Sam


untitled-design-10Vegetable Soup by Katie


untitled-design-11White Bean & Spinach Soup By Damn Delicious


untitled-design-12White Bean & Sausage Soup by Jaclyn


untitled-design-13Potato Soup By Monica


untitled-design-14Cabbage Soup By Savita


untitled-design-15Miso Soup By Rasa


untitled-design-16Sweet Potato Soup by Charbel


untitled-design-17Barley Soup by Swati and Tushar


untitled-design-18Carrot Soup by Sabrina


untitled-design-19Red Lentil Soup by Diane


untitled-design-20Thai Coconut Soup by Kelly


What is one of your favorite soup recipes? 

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