Monthly archives: October, 2017

4 Tips On How To Wear Full Lace Wigs | Beginner’s Guide To Wigs

full lace wigs

How To Wear Full Lace Wigs For Newbies I have been experimenting with full lace wigs lately and wanted to share my thoughts and tips on how to wear them. Ultimate Looks actually sent me a full lace wig for free and I have to share my experience.   My hair has been through a…

Total Body Workout At Home | Full Body Burn With Dumbbells

total body workout

The At Home Total Body Workout Hey, lovelies! I understand that not everyone has the time to train 5-6 days a week. And that’s why full body workouts are so great. You’ll be able to train your whole body 3-4 times a week with enough rest in between sessions.   It’s all about shocking your…

Everyday Natural Glam Makeup Look

natural glam makeup

Everyday Natural Glam Makeup  Hey, loves. Welcome back! This natural glam makeup look is so easy that anyone can replicate it. So, I want to start out by mentioning that I am NOT a beauty guru or makeup artist. Although I love fitness, I also have another passion. Since makeup is so much to play with…

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