Monthly archives: September, 2019

The Problem With Cheat Meals

I can’t help but cringe when I see 10,000 calories a day challenges and “cheat day meals” on YouTube. Most people can’t even eat half that much in a day. Do you think people can financially afford to consume that much food? Their audience sees this glamorized version of eating in excess. All the brightly…

5 Ways To Rekindle Your Fitness Motivation

Excuses aren’t going to stop you if you want something bad enough. As many reasons as there are to stay home, be a couch potato, and eat like shit, you have to look at the bigger picture. Don’t sacrifice your progress for a few days of self indulgence.  Sure, you could be doing a million…

The Problem With Fat Acceptance

The fat acceptance movement has gotten way out of hand, so we’re going to have a conversation about that. No one should be mocked, bullied, or ridiculed for the way they look. Looks don’t last forever, so always choose health over aesthetics. You aren’t defined by your appearance. You can be obese and beautiful, but…

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