27 Amazing Tips On Staying Healthy

How You Can Keep Staying Healthy

What’s up guys? I’m struggling to get back into shape, so I wanted to share with you, my tips for staying healthy and weight loss. I know I’m not the only one who fights this battle every day. It’s funny how it’s so hard sometimes to do the right thing. The good news is that one good habit usually leads to the next. If you start out by cutting sugary drinks out of your diet, you’ll start making other healthy changes. My advice is to start with something that’s fairly simple for you to change. Before you read my list please remember that I am not a doctor or personal trainer. I am just a girl who has an interest in health and wellness. If there’s something I forgot to add, let me know in the comments below! And feel free to share it with all of your friends.

27 Tips On Staying Healthy

Drink a warm glass of water with lemon in the mornings before eating or drinking anything else

Eat fruit and vegetables every single day, even if you have to sneak it

Allow yourself 1 or 2 cheat meals a week

Educate yourself about what is in your food by reading labels

Get at least 8 hours of sleep every night

Eat slowly and enjoy your food

Exercise at least 30 minutes every day

Always eat within 30-45 minutes from when you wake up

Reward yourself every time you set goals by going shopping or treating yourself to a spa day

Cut all fast foods and processed foods out of your diet

Stay hydrated throughout the day, even if you have to add fruit to spice things up

Practice yoga and meditation a few minutes a day

Your results are based on your thoughts, so think more positively

Make a new workout routine every 3 weeks

Getting outside more can increase your happiness and overall health

Prepare your body before trying detox or other diets

Visual yourself at your healthiest state

Concentrate on perfecting form and technique of every exercise

Find an accountability buddy to help you meet goals faster

Do more exercise of what you love whether it’s running, walking, workout videos, or yoga

Incorporate something new to your routine like a jump rope, weights or exercise ball

Give yourself at least one day a week to rest your body and mind

Be consistent in what time you work out

Having strong and is important because everything is an extension of your core

Listen to your body- if it feels wrong, don’t do it

Never skip meals, especially not breakfast

Stick to a morning/night time ritual to help you transition from wired to relaxed or exhausted to energized


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