3 Ingredient Vegan Meals

Going plant-based doesn’t have to break the bank. And these 3-ingredient meals are my testament. My favorite meals are the easiest and quickest to make.

There’s been so many times that I finished my workout only to realize I had to wait at least 30 minutes to cook my fuel.

But these 5 recipes take very little thought and preparation, so meal prepping isn’t even necessary. Since we’re only using 3 ingredients, they are all budget friendly, so these are perfect for students!

1 Granola Yogurt

non dairy yogurt + granola + berries

Yes, they really are all as easy as they sound. But this is the easiest breakfast you’ll ever make. Open a can of non dairy yogurt, add half a cup of your favorite granola and a ½ cup of berries. Boom! Nothing better than getting in your protein and antioxidants first thing in the morning.

2 Rice & Beans

beans + rice + avocado

Beans are kinda my thing. But if I’m being honest, I undercook or overcook my rice, so I just grabbed some microwaveable rice to save myself some trouble. I also used a can of Bush’s chili beans, which are quick to make.

3 Pita Pizza

pita + pizza sauce + nutritional yeast

Much to my surprise, some pizza crusts aren’t even vegan. But why make a pizza with pizza crust when you can use pita bread? Especially when you can have more protein and healthier whole grains! I actually made this stovetop and just added pasta sauce and nutritional yeast. Of course, you can add all the veggies you want.

4 Baked Chickpea Potato

chickpeas + potato + corn

I know this one looks the least exciting, but it’s still tasty. And if you haven’t had chickpeas, don’t knock them until you try ‘em. They are packed full of protein, fiber and vitamins. I used to love the potato bowls from KFC and this meal reminds me of them. Of course it’s not the same, but who doesn’t love a good corn and potato combo? And yes I cheated and threw in some green onions.

5 Sweet Quinoa

quinoa + sweet potato + kale

You really can make a high protein meal with quinoa, especially if you added in some black beans! But since were using 3 ingredients I thought that adding a green would be more nutritious and it’s what I had left. People don’t realize how much protein and nutrients are in kale. If you have limited ingredients to use, make sure one of those is a leafy green.

I’d love to know in the comments what your favorite quick meal is!

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