4 Tips For Going Vegan For The Busy Gal

4 Tips For Going Vegan

I have been plant-based for ten months and I have learned so much. I’ve noticed an improvement in my mood energy and have even successfully built muscle along the way. Unfortunately, there is a lot of miss information when it comes to a plant-based diet. Some people claim that a vegan diet is a miracle diet and on the other side of the spectrum there’s people saying that you will shrivel up and die. I’m here to shed some light on the situation and give you 4 tips for going vegan.


I am not trying to convert you into this diet or lifestyle. I simply want to open your mind up about a pretty controversial topic. Maybe you’re not ready to be 100% plant-based, but you’re curious about incorporating more plant foods to your diet. These are some tidbits of advice that’s helped me feel and look my best on a plant-based diet.




Obviously a vegan diet doesn’t include meat and dairy products. But focusing on what you can’t have is going to make your diet feel that much more restrictive. If you’ve had conversations with any meat eater they will most likely say that vegan food is bland, nasty and expensive. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Not a lot of people prefer the taste of plain chicken, they usually spice it up with lemon pepper and garlic powder. And the same goes for beans and lentils. It’s all about the flavor! Eating a plant-based diet also doesn’t have to be expensive as long as you don’t buy your groceries from Whole Foods and you stick to whole plant foods. I also wanted to warn you against vegans who say it’s all or nothing. Do not listen to that approach. Incorporating more fruits and veggies to your diet is beneficial for everyone.

You might not be able to eat meat and dairy, but there is so much more to food other than meat. This diet is meant for you to eat in abundance of healthy food to nourish your body and mind. Going plant-based has allowed my mind to open up about trying different foods I wouldn’t normally eat. Slowly replacing and adding plant-based options like almond milk or soy milk. For me it’s hard to look at a vegan diet as restrictive. We might not drink dairy but we have rice milk, coconut milk, almondmilk etc.


Do The Research

I think the most important step is to do the research. Figuring out why you want to go vegan will help you shift your focus on the gains and positives instead of what you can’t have. I had no idea that my choices as a consumer affected the planet. Once I learned exactly how meat and dairy products are made in process and how these foods contribute to high blood pressure, cancer, and other preventable diseases, it was an easier switch. Also educating yourself about nutrition and what you should be eating on the daily is going to help you thrive long-term on a plant-based diet.


Stock Up On The Essentials

And there is no need to clean up the kitchen of non-vegan foods, unless you have a family member or friend who will use them. One of the reasons you might be going plant base is to create less waste in the world so there’s no need to throw away anything. But you can start stocking up your pantry and fridge with whole plant foods. Next time you’re at the store buying more fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, beans and whole grains and less animal products. Spices and seasonings are also a must but you don’t have to get too crazy. A few essential seasonings that I like to use our pink salt black pepper garlic powder onion powder and cayenne pepper.


Start Slow

Some people can go cold turkey and give up meat and dairy. But others need to transition into this new way of eating. Either way, you’re going to slip up. I’ve bought bread with honey in it and instant oats that contain eggs and trust me I’ve made many more mistakes. And it wasn’t the end of the world. I think it’s great to take your time, try different recipes, and educate yourself because there is a lot to learn.



Here’s some recipes that I really enjoy and maybe you will as well! 




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