6 Tips To Live A Little Healthier Everyday

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Tips To Live A Healthier Life


I learned a lot from my parents growing up. But one lesson resonated with me the most: take care of your body. My mom threw me in sports when I was a kid and told me to eat my veggies so I’d grow up big and strong. And I did! Well, I am 5 foot, but I’m a very active and strong tiny woman.


It’s great to have parents that embed healthy habits in your head. But so many kids don’t have this support or they grow up and go their own path. It’s also very easy to overlook the simple activities that promote good health. Drinking water, going for a walk and getting enough sleep all seem pretty basic to have a positive impact on your health…right? This is where huge mistakes are made. Falling into a cycle of unhealthy habits can lead to a stressful and chaotic life.

So here are some healthy habits you can start today if you are looking to feel more energized and positive. This is the only body we get, so why wouldn’t we treat it with love and respect?




Move Daily

Most of us sit at a desk all day long to collect a paycheck. We take that paycheck straight to the store where we buy frozen meals or fast food. Then, we go home and sit some more. And as we age, our sedentary bodies begin to lose muscle mass and bone density. This becomes a major problem the older you get and that’s when injuries and illness happen.

Another problem with inactivity is that you have eyes watching your every move. Your children, spouse, family and friends are taking in everything you do. So, wouldn’t you want to set a good example of self love? You don’t even have to do an intense workout every day. You can simply walk your dog, practice yoga, or even clean your house. The point is to incorporate some type of movement every single day.




Hydrate Yourself

Being hydrated helps with several functions in the body including maintain immune health and digestion and protects your joints. Drinking enough H2O also helps flush out toxins from the body and helps keep your muscles strong. If you workout, you should really be drinking that water. It aids in transporting oxygen to the muscles. This is why you might feel early fatigue during a workout if you’ve been dehydrated.

Quench your thirst without empty calories and added sugar. Try and shoot for 1/2 your bodyweight in ounces everyday. I know water isn’t the best tasting, but it is essential to live a strong and healthy life. So spice it up with some berries or lemon and figure out what will make you drink a little more water.




Get Quality Sleep & Rest

They don’t call it beauty sleep for nothing. When you catch those z’s, your body is digesting everything from the day, helping you de-bloat, and refreshing your skin. Typically when you feel like shit, you look like shit. So try your very best to aim for at least 7 hours of quality sleep. Have you ever stayed up all night and the next day you didn’t even want to do the things you normally love? Tiredness can make you moody, irritated, and feel like this world is that much harder.

If sleep is something that doesn’t come easy, try a guided meditation. Simply developing a night time ritual is a great way to get your body ready for sleep. One of my evening habits to have a kiwi before bed. (I love their weird texture!) Kiwi ramps up the melatonin hormone, which helps you relax. The bottom line is that rest is a must for your mind and body if you want to live this crazy thing called a healthy life.




Laugh Until You Cry

I feel like even when you’ve had a really tough day, you should find somehow to laugh. And at the very least smile. Call your old bff and reminese about that one time you and her rode your dad’s lawn mower at midnight. (Not that I’m talking about me or anything) Days when I don’t have anyone to make me laugh, I’ll throw on a few YouTube videos of bloopers or an episode of Impractical Jokers. Having a good long laugh is just like having a long cry. It’s medicine for your soul so laugh a little.




Fuel Your Body With Nutrients

Want to know why you need 4 cups of coffee to get through the day? It’s because you’re not fueling your body properly. Drink your water and eat your macros so you can skip the Starbucks line. You need to eat a  balanced diet to provide your body with minerals, vitamins, protein, carbs, and fat. In order to get all these nutrients in your system, you should eat a variety of foods. Eat the rainbow, and I don’t mean Skittles.

The first step of eating healthier would be to cut out refined foods and sugary drinks. It’s called junk food for a reason. Processed foods and candy contain empty calories, which don’t help your body function at optimal level. You have to eat to survive, might as well do it right.




Just Breathe

It seems like everything is after our attention these days. Work, family, school. television, YouTube videos, advertisement (you name it) all seem to be in competition with each other. But what if you could bring back the balance? Taking a deep breath can help undo stresses and reduce blood pressure.

When you’re stressed beyond belief, your hormones get out of whack, which can affect your mood and appetite. Obviously you need oxygen to live, but it also helps cleanse the body of toxins. And don’t forget to be grateful for the ability to expand your lungs. Slowing down your breath can really help calm your mind and slow you down in a fast paced world.



What are some healthy habits that you have started this year?   

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