7 Surprising Benefits of Cold Showers 

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The Benefits Of Taking Cold Showers

Before heating systems were created, people in ancient times had no choice but to take cold baths. Unless they lived near a natural hot springs, everyone was subjected to nippy waters. This may sound like a form a torture to some, but cold showers actually have health benefits and therapeutic properties.

Even after hot showers became available, people will chose to bathe in cold water because the rewards outweigh the comfortability. Cold showers not only can improve your health, but change how you view fear and handle challenges you face every day.

Most of us don’t like change because we’re afraid of allowing ourselves to be uncomfortable. The most effective way in breaking out of that comfort zone is by learning to be okay with feeling uneasy.

If you can’t stand to be uncomfortable when you are the only one being affected, what’s going to happen when the circumstance involves more than yourself. Taking cold showers is a great way to train your brain how to choose the path less traveled.

Improves Blood Flow:

The circulatory system transports nutrients throughout the body to organs, tissues, and cells. Good blood flow is essential for your overall health. Poor circulation can cause nerve damage, blood clots and even diabetes.

Cold water causes your blood to circulate quickly in order to keep the body warm. The instant your skin receptors sense the coldness, your heart pumps blood intensely throughout the organs to regulate your body temperature. This improves your blood flow over time.

Strengthens The Immune System:

You shouldn’t believe the myth that being cold and wet can make you sick. Taking cold showers can actually strengthen your immune system. Your body releases white blood cells in response to a cold or illness. Studies have found that people who take cold showers regularly have a higher count of these disease-fighting cells than people who take sauna-like showers.

Your body increases its metabolism and revs up the immune system under colder temperatures. Taking cold showers regularly can strengthen your immune system by increasing the number of white blood cells in the body, which helps fight infections.

Increase Energy:

The feeling of bone-chilling water might sound horrifying, but it can actually increase your alertness and energy. The cold water shocks the body, which causes an increase in your heart rate. Your breathing deepens in order to try to warm the body. This helps your blood rush through your body and leaves you feeling energized for the day.

Improves the Appearance of Skin & Hair:

Hot water has a tendency to dry out your hair and skin by stripping them of their natural oils. If you have flakey skin or split ends try a cold shower. Using cold water at the end of your shower helps seal your pores and cuticles, which prevents dirt from getting in and clogged pores. Cold water also helps smooth and strengthen hair follicles for touchably soft skin and hair.

Relieves Depression:

Studies have found that cold showers can ease symptoms of depression. The direct impact of the coldness sends intense impulses throughout the body to the brain. The coldness stimulates the noradrenaline source of the brain, which helps fight feeling the blues.

Teaches Discipline:

It’s a radical transition for someone who takes steamy showers every day to switch to freezing temperatures. You want to automatically turn the water to warm, but when you turn the knob the opposite way, you are essentially training your brain. This habit will help you develop will power and discipline with all aspects of your life.

Improves Metabolism:

Your body is made out of two different types of fat. The bad fat is what we try to lose and the good fat is what warms your body in cold temperatures. The good fat or (brown fat) is stimulated and burns off calories when you’re in colder temperatures. This regulation requires a lot of effort from your internal organs, therefore you are helping your weight loss journey.
I’m taking up the challenge and am on my 15th cold shower in a row. The first day was the hardest. Like most people, I wanted to turn the water to hot automatically. As I slowly turned the knob in the opposite direction, I did everything to talk myself out of it. And once I did it, I wanted to scream and cry like a newborn…but I did it.

It’s not easy, but in my opinion, you get stronger every day. You might be in pain, but the point that you DO IT. Just remember you don’t want to shock your body, so take short cold showers. You can also take warm showers and then change it to cold for the last 5 minutes.

I challenge you to take a cold shower every day for 2 weeks. Let me know in the comments if you take cold showers and if you have noticed a difference in your health. As a disclaimer, people who suffer from certain conditions such as heart disease, high blood pressure, eating disorders, women who are menstruating and other issues should avoid taking cold showers because the temperature can shock your body and can even make your symptoms worse. I am not a physician, so please speak with your doctor if you have any questions or concerns.





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