8 Tips For Starting Your Fitness Journey

Tips For Starting A Fitness Journey

Everyone has to start somewhere and we all start differently. But there are some tips we can all do to start our fitness journey easier. I’m not going to lie to you and say that it will be easy. But taking the first steps towards living a healthier life is much simpler when you plan ahead and learn a bit of patience. Here are

Establish Your Goal

Why do you want to start your fitness journey? This can be different reasons for so many people. Whether it’s because you want to lose 50 pounds or be able to run a 10K, make sure you establish why you want to start. For me, I am curious to know how far my body can go as far as toning and muscle building. This is motivating for me because I want to see where I’ll be 6 months to a year from now.


Track Progress

Documenting your progress can motivate you to keep making healthy changes in your life. But it’s important to keep track without becoming obsessed. You can find out all your measurements from a certified personal trainer or even a body analyzer scale. I recommend weighing yourself no more than once or twice a month. Instead, take weekly progress photos and keep a journal to write down how you feel before, after and during exercise. You will notice way more results in photos than on the scale.


Plan Ahead

Life often “gets in the way” of our fitness routine. Whether it’s school, work, family, there is almost always something going on. Learn to keep a planner and schedule out a time for exercise. What’s on the calendar is what gets done. You can also meal prep once a week to save you the risk of stopping at Taco Bell after work. It’s also important to plan your workouts and meals according to your lifestyle. If you know that you are going to be too tired to workout in the evenings, schedule your exercise in the A.M.


Keep Workouts Fun

Once you have a program, you’re going to need to break that routine every once in a while. Like any relationship, your rendezvous with fitness will need rekindling. Do something different every few weeks like try a spin class or kickboxing session. You can even just get outside and walk your dog (they need exercise too!) or bike. Performing different exercises will also allow you to use and strengthen all of the muscle groups. I like to change it up on cardio days. Don’t get me wrong, I love to feel that high I get after my 3-mile run. But some weeks I don’t get outside as much as I’d like, so I revert to kickboxing or other at home cardio workouts.Also, exercise should be where you can let loose and release all that bad tension from the day. It truly is a privilege to live an active lifestyle.


Stop Comparing Yourself To Others

It’s so easy to look at these fitness models on Instagram and ask, “Why doesn’t my body look like that?” But the truth is that everyone has different body types and genetics. People are also on different programs, diet restrictions, and experience levels. It’s a beautiful thing that your fitness journey is different from everyone else’s, so embrace that. The only person you should be comparing yourself to is you! So be patient and enjoy YOUR transformation, 



Hang Out Your Support Group

When you start your journey, you will have people in your corner and people who still expect you to do the usual bad habits. Spend more time with the people in your life who are supportive and even like-minded. You can achieve your goals faster by being around other healthy individuals who want to see the healthiest version of themselves and you.

Fortunately for me, I have an amazing support system. My best friend holds me accountable for meeting my fitness goals. She always notices when I don’t hit the pavement as much. So, making sure I meet my mileage is an important priority to not only make myself proud but also the support I have around me.

Progress is Key

We live in a world where people are only interested in instant gratification. I am here to tell you that fitness and transforming your body takes time. You’re not going to hit the gym hard for a week and expect a 6 pack. Muscles just do not sculpt overnight. Changing your unhealthy habits will take dedication and is a lifestyle choice. Which is why losing weight or toning up is a journey. Even the smallest amount of progress is better than being stagnant. 

Expect To Make Sacrifices


What you spend on alcohol or eating at restaurants you can invest in trying a new spin class or shop for better quality foods. You might also spend less time in front of the TV or laptop. Just keep in mind that in order to develop healthy habits, you need to let go of the old, unhealthy ones first. Nothing about this entire process is easy, but there is nothing you can’t handle. If eating bad foods is your weakness, try cleaning out your cabinet and stock your kitchen with healthy whole foods that you enjoy eating.


I hope you guys enjoyed my guide on starting a fitness journey. Don’t forget to share and subscribe!

What fitness tips have helped you?

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