8 Tips For Getting Energy Fast

Getting energy and keeping that stamina going all day can be difficult to manage. You might be like most people who wake up feeling tired or can’t seem to stay energized for the entire day. I can totally relate to lack of motivation and exhaustion some days. Stress and low energy levels can make it difficult for you to focus and be productive.

It’s tempting to reach for a Red Bull or a 5 Hour Energy by midday. However, there are more effective and healthier ways you can recharge. If you find yourself in an energy crisis, here are a few natural ways to relight your fire.

Eat Breakfast First Thing In The Morning

The best time to eat breakfast is within the first hour that you wake up. Since you’ve been asleep all night, your body is nearly starved. You need nutrients from a hearty meal to start the day as soon as possible. A balanced breakfast consists of proper fiber, protein and carbohydrates. Eating a healthy breakfast replenishes blood sugar levels from lack of nutrition from the night before and helps you concentrate on daily tasks.

Let Your Light Shine

The sun is not only a great source of vitamin D, but it’s also a natural mood enhancer. Seasonal depression usually occurs during the colder months when the sun sets earlier. This lack of sunlight can trick your body into thinking it’s time for bed and make you feel tired and even sad. Open a curtain the minute you wake up and let the natural light fill your room. You’ll feel instantly awake and refreshed. You can take a few minutes of your day to go outside and enjoy the scenery. Being outdoors can physically improve the quality of life by lowering your blood pressure. The sunlight can even make you happier!

Quit Smoking

Some people believe that smoking tobacco can boost your energy. However, smoking cigarettes can increase stress and fatigue, which cause you to feel tired. Cigarettes contain harmful toxins that attach to the lungs. This makes it difficult for your blood cells to carry oxygen to the brain and other organs. When your body isn’t getting enough oxygen, you feel sluggish.
High carbon monoxide levels also cause oxygen in the blood to decrease. The best way to prevent these health risks is to stop smoking.

Don’t Skip Meals

Food gives your body the nutrients it needs in order to function properly. When you start skipping meals, you risk slowing down your metabolism and suffering from nutrient deficiency. This can cause a number of problems including fatigue, lack of concentration and exhaustion. You’ll find it hard to complete even simple daily tasks the longer you go without a meal. Even if you are not hungry, make sure you are eating the recommended amount of calories that your body needs.

Take A MultiVitamin

You might not be skipping meals, but sometimes you don’t get all of the nutrients and minerals your body needs to perform at its best. Multivitamins are formulated with the recommended amount of vitamins and are designed to replace any lack of nutrition. You must take supplements, like multivitamins daily in order to feel a difference. Although these supplements can aid in energy levels, they do not replace bad health. Avoid any misuse in taking vitamin supplements and incorporate exercise and proper diet along with a multivitamin recommended by your physician.

Start Exercising

As counterintuitive as this may sound, getting up and moving regularly can give you more energy. Your metabolism and blood circulation increases the more physical activity you do throughout the day. By exercising, you are waking up your body from the inside out. The increase of oxygen and blood flow to the brain gives your powerhouse the boost it needs.

Practice Meditation

Stress is a major reason why so many people feel tired all the time. With the regular practice of meditation, you can learn to slow down your thoughts and stresses. When you meditate, you aren’t putting all your energy into thoughts and worries. This allows you to put your energy towards important tasks. Meditation can improve many areas of your life such as sleep, which will increase your energy levels during the day.


While certain scents lull you to sleep, some keep you awake. Essential oils such as orange cinnamon and peppermint are great stimulants when it comes to the senses. You can rub a few drops of essential oils on your skin, add it to your bath or use a diffuser. Aromatherapy can heighten the senses and prevent an energy crash when you rather have a nap.

I hope this inspires you guys to do your part and make the best of your day. Each of us are in charge of our future, so let’s make the best of it. Let me know what you do to stay on track and keep energized in the comments section below.

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