How To Apply Eyeshadow The Right Way

how to apply eyeshadow

How To Apply Eyeshadow Correctly

Applying eyeshadow will always be somewhat of a challenge for me. I wanted to share what I’ve learned over the years that helps me achieve a basic look. Remember, practice makes perfect and I am by no means a makeup artist. What are your tips on how to apply eyeshadow?

Step 1: Primer

Never underestimate the power of primer. This seems like an annoying extra step, but it helps create a base for your eyeshadow to lay on top. You can use primer or concealer to prep your eyelids. You don’t want your natural lid color to peek through your shadows. The effect will make your eyeshadows show up on your lids true to color. If your primer dries a little tacky, you can apply some translucent powder over your primer.

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Step 2: Transition Shade

It will make your life a lot easier if you use the lightest color in your crease. You can use a light brown or even your bronzer. The transition shade gives the other colors something to build around and creates a gradient appearance. Use a fluffy brush to disperse the eyeshadow evenly. Remember to hold the brush closer to the handle. Start out with a small amount of product and work the brush lightly in small circular motions inside your crease. Avoid packing on a lot of color, instead add layers until your desired results.


Step 3: Medium Shade

The second lightest eyeshadow shade should be applied with a tapered brush. You’ll need to use a brush with a smaller tip, for more precision. You’ll want to go directly on the inner crease of your eye with a light hand.


Step 4: Darkest Shade

Before you go in with the darker shade, take a clean fluffy brush to blend everything and finish any harsh lines. Use the tapered brush to trace a small “v” shape in the outer corner of your eyes. Blend the darker color into the lighter shades with small circular motions to keep the color in place.

Step 5: Lid Color

Take a flat makeup brush and apply a shimmery or light shade of eyeshadow on your lid, just before the crease. However, if you are going for a dramatic or smokey look, you can use a medium shade. It’s important to pat the color onto lids instead of rubbing it in order to prevent fallout.


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