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Aussie Moist

For the past several weeks, I have been using one brand of products on my hair. I’m trying the Aussie’s Moist line and wanted to share my results. My hair is incredibly damaged and dry. I wanted to use something very moisturising. The formula in these products are thick in consistency, so they probably work best on thick or curly hair.

About My Hair

Every woman’s hair is different and my hair has certainly changed over the years. I’ve tortured and killed my beautiful locks with bleach, styling tools, and heat. I have deader than dead ends and deal with frizz on the daily. My hair is thick, just past shoulder-length, and dyed platinum blonde. I have been avoiding heat in my hair routine, so I let my hair air dry 95% of the time. Although I’ve done so much damage to my hair, it’s still incredibly voluminous and has a lot of texture.

(photos of hair)

Aussie Moist Hair Products


Shampoo: I’ve noticed a lot of shampoos either make my hair feel tangled or greasy. I was surprised to find that my hair was smoother than I expected while I worked in the product. It was non-greasy and I can go without washing my hair for 4-5 days using this product. This is mainly because shampoos are drying and tend to strip the hair of its natural oils. I try to go as long as I can without cleansing my scalp anyways.

Conditioner: I left the conditioner in for about 6-7 minutes before I washed it out. It’s a very creamy and hydrating conditioner that leaves my hair soft and silky. The only con about the conditioners is that they contain silicones.

img_0149 (selfie with conditioner)

Deep Conditioner: I love leaving this in my hair for at least 15 minutes. Sometimes I like to heat up a wet towel and wrap it around my head with conditioner still in for half an hour. Either way, this conditioner makes my hair more manageable and really reduces the frizziness.

img_0150aussie moist

Instant Freeze Mousse: I was hesitant about using this mousse because the “instant freeze” products have made my hair crispy in the past. I have to say I liked the definition it gave me without making my hair feel hard.


Awesome Volume Gel:

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