5 Steps To Follow For Beautiful Hair During Winter

5 Steps To Follow For Beautiful Hair During Winter

By Emma Lawson

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All ladies want their hair to be healthy, strong and beautiful. Still, winter time can prove to be a tricky season for effortlessly gorgeous hair. So, when the weather is colder and the air drier, there is a possibility of your hair getting damaged. In that respect, you might want to change up your beauty routines and some lifestyle habits. The following tips will undoubtedly help you keep your hair looking great during the harsh winter weather.

Don’t use heat too much

Heat styling products such as flat and curling irons are the enemy of your hair all year round. Still, during winter, hair can get damaged a lot more and easier even if you use heat protecting sprays. Therefore, it would be best to accept your natural hair and stay away from heat products. Blow drying your hair can also have similar negative consequences. It would be best to reduce your hair washing to twice or three times per week. Of course, when it’s cold outside it’s essential that you dry your hair properly. If you have to, style it with a round brush as you blow dry it. Don’t forget the heat protecting spray. It might not be as damaging as styling irons, but a blow dryer can also damage your hair.

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Deep condition your hair

In order to keep your hair nice and strong, you need to keep it moisturized. You might find that your regular hair products are not enough to live up to this task. Because of that, it’s highly recommended that you use some kind of a deep conditioning treatment once a week. You can use store-bought masks, keep things simple with oils or make your own DIY hair treatments. Make sure to apply it before bed so that your hair can soak up the moisture overnight.

Protect your hair from the cold

Apart from the products you use, you should also consider physical protection from the cold. This is especially important in places where winters are really harsh but you still have to go out. Therefore, get yourself a nice hat that would properly keep you warm, your hair safe from the damaging cold and your overall appearance stylish. Still, if you think that hats cause too much frizz in your hair, you can always use a silk scarf to wrap your hair before putting a hat on.

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Keep your body hydrated

Drinking a lot of water is a universal health and beauty tip that’s relevant throughout the year. Still, some people neglect drinking a lot of water during colder months. In order to make yourself drink water regularly, you can keep a bottle next to you with a ready cup as well. Hydrating yourself from the inside will keep both your skin and hair in good condition. Also, some bad habits can dehydrate your body, so definitely reduce your alcohol intake and do your best to quit smoking.

Proper diet

Like water drinking, proper and balanced diet plays an important role for the quality and condition of your skin and hair. In order to make sure that your hair can withstand the winter weather, you should eat a lot of fruits and veggies as well as omega 3 fatty acids that you can get from fish and nuts. Moreover, taking vitamin supplements will not only boost your immune system during the cold season, but will also improve the health and appearance of your hair and nails. For example, Vitamin B12 is on the top of the list when it comes to healthy and strong hair.

As you can see, your hair will benefit a lot if you take proper care of your health. Not everything can be resolved with special products and treatments. That doesn’t mean that you should neglect your hair care routine by any means. Make sure to change it up so that you don’t have to fear the cold and your hair keeps looking amazing.


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