Best Ab Exercises & Tips For A Flatter Stomach

best ab exercies

Best Secrets To A Flatter Belly

So, I have been really targeting my core the past few weeks. I honestly let myself go over the summer and am now regretting it. But I’ve been running and doing at home kickboxing sessions to get in my cardio. I’ve also been focusing on sculpting my abs and I wanted to share with you a few tips and some of the best ab exercises to flatten your stomach. 

Tips For A Flatter Stomach

1. Drink water before and after every meal. 

2. Work on your abs exercises every day. You stomach is not going to tone itself.

3. Don’t eat 3-4 hours before bed. Your body needs time to recover and rest. If you are eating close to when you sleep, your digestive system will be overworked.

4. Limit your sugar intake. Many processed foods and even fruits contain large amounts of sugar. You are not gaining any nutrients from these foods. Think of how much protein you would get out of 1 tablespoon of peanut butter vs 1 tablespoon of sugar.

5. Make sure you are performing cardio as well as resistance training. Your abs are hidden underneath layer(s) of fat. So, in order to see them first, you need to burn the fat and calories away.

6. Reduce the amount of sodium in your diet. Over-processed, pre-packaged foods, and dressings contain ridiculous amounts of salt. Treat your body well by fueling it with natural, whole foods instead.

7. Incorporate more fiber to your meals. Sometimes our food needs to be helped along throughout the digestive system. Oats, beans and broccoli contain high amounts of fiber.

8. Get enough sleep at night. When you are tired during the day, you tend to want to eat more to stay awake. The average adult needs about 7-8 hours of sleep every night.

9. Not all fats cause fat. Avocado, nuts, oils are all healthy fats that promote a leaner stomach.

10. Eliminate alcohol completely. Not only is alcohol empty calories, but it also makes you hungry for sweets and everything unhealthy.

11. Eat a healthy breakfast. The best time to eat a breakfast is within 30 minutes of when you wake up. Make sure to include protein, fats/carbs, and fruit. These foods will rev up your metabolism and help you burn fat throughout the day.

Best Ab Exercises For Women

best ab exercises

Heel Touches

img_0919best ab exercises

V sit ups


best ab exercises img_0917

Pull Throughs

best ab exercises img_0915

Starfish Crunch

best ab exercises img_0913

Russian Twists





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