How I Blow Dry My Hair

Blow Dry Tutorial

I have had a lifetime battle with my unruly hair. I literally never knew what to do with it during high school. With the help of styling tools and hair dyes, my locks started breaking and becoming even more frizzy. No matter how I styled my hair (mousse,curling irons, etc), it would end up in a crazy afro.

Even when I tried to blow dry my hair, I could never get it right. However, something tells me that I’m not the only one with this problem. I wanted to share my tips on how I blow dry my hair basically as good as the salon! This style usually lasts me at least 3 days, which saves me time and my hair from damage. 


What You’ll Need:

Round brush

Hair dryer with a nozzle

Hair oil

Leave in conditioner

Heat protectant

Hair elastics or clips


What To Do:


Step 1: Right after I hop out of the shower, I run my fingers through my hair to get all the tangles out. I let my hair dry until it’s mildly still damp.


Step 2: Then I apply all the products to my hair. I put in a generous amount of leave in conditioner because of my frizzy prone hair. I also spray my entire head with heat protectant and rub a little hair oil to my ends.


Step 3: After I have all the hair products in, I wait until my hair is about 80% dry to start blowing it out. If you try to blow out your hair while it’s wet, it will not take the shape you want it to.


Step 4: I like to take a wide tooth comb and make sure my hair is free of all tangles. This is what gets your hair straight and smooth.


Step 5: I like to start with the back section of my hair and clip everything up in a bun. I keep my sections even and small. The first few times I blow through a section, I focus on the roots. Then, I pull my hair through with plenty of tension until it’s completely dry.


Step 6: Next, I roll the small dried section up again and blast the cold setting to set the hair.


Step 7: I continue this technique throughout the rest of my hair as I work my way up to the crown.


Step 8: I don’t have bangs, so I divide my hair on my crown down the middle. Then, I blow out away from my face until it’s dry.


Step 9: My hair is still somewhat frizzy after all this, so I go back and lightly rub a little hair serum throughout my ends and flyaways.

I hope this was a helpful tutorial. If you rather see this for your own eyes, I will leave my Youtube video down below. Enjoy, comment and subscribe!

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