Body Weight Blast Challenge | Day 6 | Abs Exercise Guide

body weight blast

Body Weight Blast Challenge | Abs Exercise Guide



body weight blast


1. Lie on your back with with your knees bent. You can either keep your feet on the floor, or lift them in the air like I am. Place your hands behind your head, but don’t put all the weight in your hands.

2. Remember to look up and not down at your abs working.

3. Lift your shoulders blades off the floor as you use your abs to curl up.

4. Once you reach the top of the motion, lower yourself down and repeat for 20-40 seconds.


body weight blast

Wide Toe Touches

1. Stay on your back, but extend your arms out to your sides.

2. Raise your legs up directly over your hips.

3. Reach both of your arms up and crunch up towards your toes.

4. Pause for a second at the top and then lower your beautiful body back down.

5. Repeat for 20-40 seconds!




body weight blast

Russian Twists

1. We’re still on the floor, but this time you’re going to sit up with your knees bent. You can place your feet flat on the mat or lift them in the air to make it more difficult. Clasp your hands in front of you and this is the starting position.

2. Twist your torso as much as you can to the right side and then move to the starting position. Then do the twist on the opposite side.

3. Focus on getting a big range of motion and don’t worry about how fast you can do it. Repeat the movement for 20-40 seconds.




body weight blast

Hollow Hold w/ Scissor Kicks

1. Lie on your mat again… (: But this time, form your body like a dish with your shoulders and leg slightly off the floor.

2. Don’t forget to keep inhaling and exhaling as you crisscross your legs.

3. Keep doing your thing for 20-40 seconds.




body weight blast

Plank w/ Side Dips

1. Start in an elbow plank with your shoulders over your elbows.

2. Lower your hips toward the floor so that you are hoovering on your right side.

3. Shift your weight to center plank and then your left side keeping your shoulders stable.

4. Keep rocking from side to side, keeping your back straight and neutral.

5. And we are here for 20-40 seconds, of course.



body weight blast

Starfish Crunches

1. Start by positioning your body into an “x” shape on the floor.

2. Simultaneously bring your left arm and right leg up in a diagonal until your hand meets your shin.

3. After you lower yourself down into the starting position, switch to bringing your right arm and left leg together.

4. Keep switching it up for 20-40 seconds!


How many days a week do you train abs?

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