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My 9 Favorite Vegan Protein Sources

There is a misconception that animal products like meat are the best sources of protein for you. It’s true that they contain all the essential amino acids that our body needs. The only plant-based complete proteins are soy and quinoa. However, you can combine plant-based protein to get all the amino acids and intake enough…

What To Do After A Binge?

If you’ve ever visited binge city, you know the guilt and loss of control that comes with it. These terrible feelings usually lead to hours on the treadmill, starvation, and more restrictions. Remember, restricting yourself after a binge will only result in more binge eating later. Maybe you’ll feel better after I tell you that…

Sexy Shredded Dumbbell Shoulder Circuit

dumbbell shoulder

Hey foxy ladies! I hope you are ready for another dumbbell shoulder circuit. We are training all 3 deltoid muscles today, so get ready to smash it out. This complete shoulder workout will help give you the sexy capped shoulder look you’re wanting. All you’ll need for this workout is a set of dumbbells and…

Lower Body Barbell Workout | At Home or Gym

lowr body barbell workout

Legs Barbell Workout   Hey, there Foxy Nation! This week I have a killer lower body barbell workout for you to try at the gym. Or maybe you have a barbell laying around in your garage. We are hitting the quads, hamstrings, and glutes with super traditional exercises. You don’t need to focus on isolation…

5 Things I Wished I Knew Before I Started My Fitness Journey

my fitness journey

5 Things I Wish I Knew Before Starting My Fitness Journey     If you think that living a healthy life should be easy, you couldn’t be more wrong. Of course I’m not trying to deter or scare you away from developing a healthy lifestyle. However, I do want you to have a realistic expectation…

Learn How To (Sorta) Enjoy Exercise

enjoy exercise

Learn How To (Sorta) Like Exercise   Exercise is already hard, why would you like getting sweaty, red faced, and feeling like your heart is going to bust out of your chest? There’s so many better things to do with your time anyway, right? And there’s no way to learn how to enjoy exercise. Maybe…

Body Weight Blast Challenge | Day 6 | Abs Exercise Guide

body weight blast

Body Weight Blast Challenge | Abs Exercise Guide     Crunches 1. Lie on your back with with your knees bent. You can either keep your feet on the floor, or lift them in the air like I am. Place your hands behind your head, but don’t put all the weight in your hands. 2….

Body Weight Blast Challenge | Day 5 | Legs Exercise Guide

legs exercise

Body Weight Blast Challenge | Legs Exercise Guide   Hello! We have made it to day 5, so here we go. If you haven’t yet, go check out day 1-4. Today’s workout is all about strengthening and toning those legs. Again, we are only doing body weight exercises for this circuit. 20-40 seconds of each…

Body Weight Blast Challenge | Day 4 | Arms Exercise Guide

arms exercise

Body Weight Blast Challenge | Arms Exercise Guide It’s now Day 4 and we are about to tire out those arms. We have done a full body workout, an abs circuit, and a cardio sesh already this week, so check those out so you don’t miss them. Again, you can do all of the workouts…

Body Weight Blast Challenge | Day 3 | Cardio Exercise Guide

cardio exercise

Body Weight Blast Challenge | Cardio Exercise Guide   Welcome to day 3 of the Body Weight Blast Challenge. Yes, we’re getting stronger, but we also need to work on our cardio. We are doing 20-40 seconds of each exercise. Feel free to repeat this circuit 1-2 times. Let’s get to it!   In &…

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