DIY Clothes: The Knot Front Dress

DIY Knot Front Dress

Before you throw out your old clothes, turn them into something beautiful. It’s always exciting to refashion and DIY clothes when you have nothing to wear. For this project, I wanted to refashion a dress I found at TJ Max a few months ago. It’s nothing special, just a solid black $9 dress. It looks very plain and almost too long on my short frame. I envisioned it to hug my curves when I saw it on the hanger. I want to give the dress a sexy touch, so maybe I’ll actually wear it out. The knotted front dress is simple to recreate without any skills. It’s casual and cool with the cute cutouts at the waist. If you want to see how I transformed this dress without needle and thread, keep reading.

How To Make Your Own Knotted Front Dress


An oversized t-shirt or dress

Before:                                                         After:

diy clothes         diy clothes



Step 1: Lay out your dress and measure straight across.You can use chalk or crayon. I’m just using lip liner. 


Step 2: Cut straight across the center of the dress.(Optional: If you want to shorten the length, cut a strip off the top of the bottom half of the dress. You can also skip this step like I did.)

diy clothes

Step 3: On the top half, cut a small opening in the bottom center of the dress.

diy clothes

Step 4: On the bottom half, cut a slit an inch or 2 down the center.

diy clothes

Step 5: Tie a knot (front and back) and you have a brand new dress!

diy clothes

Got any tips for refashioning old clothes?

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