DIY Crop Top Tutorial- No Sew

No Sew Crop Top Tutorial

Have you ever looked at your closet and felt disappointed? All of those clothes, but nothing to wear. The good news is that you don’t need expensive clothes to update your wardrobe. All you’ll need is a loose fitting, short sleeve t-shirt and a pair of scissors to make a stylish diy crop top.

diy crop top

Step 1: Cut along directly outside of the hemline of the collar.


Step 2: Cut along the hem of both the sleeves.


Step 3: Measure how short you want the top to be.

Step 4: On the back side of the shirt, cut a straight line across.


Step 5: The front side of the top will be used as the tie. Make a cut up the center and then cut at a diagonal. You should end up with two triangle shaped sides. Optional: You can also cut a small “v” in the center of the collar.


What clothes have you refashioned lately? 

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