My Fall Lookbook 2016

fall lookbook

What’s In My Fall Lookbook?

Hey, lovelies! So, the west coast doesn’t really experience harsh winters. My fall lookbook might be a little different from what you are used to. This fall lookbook is more geared towards women who don’t have freezing weather. I’ve lived in the South or on the West Coast my entire life, so I haven’t had the luxury of meeting 0-degree temperatures. Of course, you can add layers and modify as needed. This is just a sneak peek at what I wear on a typical autumn day. 


My Fall Lookbook

Outfit #1:

fall lookbookfall lookbook
Dress- Charlotte Russe
Shoes- Jessica Simpson
Purse- Charming Charlie’s

Outfit #2:

img_0657 img_0656
Dress- Bebe
Shoes- Penny Loves Kenny

Days when I want to feel dolled up or have a special event to attend I love long sleeved dressed. They are comfortable, warm and easy to throw on. You could wear tights or pantyhose underneath or accessorise with a hat or scarf.

Outfit 3:

img_0653 img_0654 img_0655
Button down shirt- American Eagle
Skirt- Ambiance Apparel
Bralette- Unknown
Shoes- Guess
Tights- Ross

I have had this button down forever and honestly, it looks great with a pair of light wash jeans. But, here’s the thing. I have been into skirts lately and this look is so cute with a pair of tights. It screams college girl, so I’m into that. The great thing about button downs is that ou can wear them in so many ways. You could tie it around your waist.

Outfit 4:

img_0652 img_0650 img_0651
Top:Mary Mary
Jacket- Ambience
Scarf- Walmart
Boots- Bamboo
Jeans- YMI Wanna Betta Butt (distress by yours truly)

This outfit reminds me of a post-apocalyptic war. I didn’t realize how short the crop top was, so I compensated with my knee high boots. I would have worn high waisted jeans, but I wanted to show off the rips I made.

Outfit 5:

img_0648 img_0647img_0649
Bodysuit- Charlotte Russe
Jeans- Charlotte Russe
Shoes- Converse

I am a 90’s baby at best, so slap a pair of converse and some stripes on me and I am good to go. I have gotten into the minimalist style recently and have a new appreciation for stripes. This outfit is so casual and playful, which is something I love about the bodysuit. I’ve dressed it up with skirts and toned it down with jeans like this look.

Outfit 6:

Sweater- Ambience
Jeans- Charlotte Russe
Scarf- Walmart
Shoes- Shoe Republic LA

I either feel sweet or edgy in a knit sweater. Since fall is generally more dark colors, I went with this black sweater and acid wash jeans. Like most women, I feel super confident in edgy clothes. So, I wore my classic black pumps. Since it is autumn time, I grabbed a scarf to add something interesting to the outfit.

Outfit 7:

img_0643 img_0642img_0640

Grey Top- Aeropostale
Button-Down Shirt-
Jeans- Hollister
Shoes- Nine West
Graphic T-shirt- Ross

I love flannels because you can wear them so many ways. My favourite way to throw one over a crop top. For some reason, grey tops look great with flannels of any color. I created a more grunge look with a graphic tee. And for a more polished look, I just button my flannel all the way up and wore my shirt over that.

Outfit 8:

img_0638 img_0639
Button-Down Shirt- Charlotte Russe
Cami- Walmart
Jeans- Hollister
Shoes- Speed Limit 98

For me, denim on denim is a little too much and can even seem boyish. I wore a plain white tank top underneath to keep the outfit clean and light. I finished the look with a pair of light nude bootie heels for a more girly personality.

Outfit 9:

img_0636 img_0637

Top- Poetry
Jeans- Hollister
Shoes- H&M
Cardigan- Charlotte Russe

I love how casual chic this outfit turned out. My heeled ankle boots are really a great addition to any outfit. The cardigan is light enough for Vegas fall time. I wanted to go for a more nude color, but all I had was cream. To lighten the outfit even more, I wore a white skinny belt.

Outfit 10:

img_0634 img_0635

Top- Imagination
Jacket- Ambiance
Jeans- Hollister
Shoes- Guess

I wore this outfit the other night when I went with my roommate to cash a ticket on the strip. I felt so sexy and surprisingly warm. Even though these jeans don’t have any rips in them, they hug every curve. This is a typical Vegas everyday outfit. High waisted jeans? Check. Crop top? Check. Leather, or faux leather? Check.

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Which outfit is your favorite? 


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