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My Favorite Healthy Food

I used to look at food as something I just needed to survive, but now I use it to fuel my body. I don’t always eat the same thing everyday, this is just a typical healthy food diary. Working out is important and everything, but you won’t see results with a dirty diet. I hope this gives you inspiration and ideas for other healthy meals. Hopefully, you will enjoy the post and if you do, please share this with your friends and on social media.




I usually eat an early dinner, therefore I am hangry soon after I wake up. Exercise is such a priority in my life that it’s in the top 2 on my checklist after breakfast. However, I might eat a few pieces of fruit or nuts if I need to snack before I make breakfast. A lot of the time I’ll also make a cup of coffee right when I get up.

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For my first official meal of the day, I like it to be light but helps me get through my workout. Protein and carbs are an important part of any healthy breakfast. This particular morning, I’m having 2 slices of whole wheat toast with peanut butter and honey spread over the top. I’m also having 2-3 egg whites.

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The first snack of the day I’m craving something sweet. So, if I didn’t have fruit in the morning, I sneak some fruit in as a snack. My favorite are berries because the have so much nutrients and vitamins to give to the body.


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By this point in the day, I just worked my body so hard with a workout I had no business doing. (Just kidding) but seriously, I get so hungry after an intense workout. I usually want to eat right after I cook down. I like to have some meals prepped and ready to go for me, I made some tuna last night and I’m just spreading it on several crackers. And for my side I’m having a spinach, bell pepper and tomato salad with olive oil dressing. As you can see, I love simple salads and foods.

Tuna Recipe:

2 cans of tuna
one half pickle slice
1 hardboiled egg




I love rice cakes as a snack because you can spread avocado or peanut butter across the top. This particular rice cake is brown sugar flavored. Yum!


healthy food


On the rare occasion when I’m pumped about working out. **rolls eyes** I put my body through hell by doing 2 a days or sometimes I can only work out at night.either way, I love steak. I’m having a 6 oz steak with baby carrots. Also, I mixed wild rice with a can of green beans. I like to combine my vegetables when I can so I’m doubling my minerals. (At least that’s my logic)



As for my after dinner snack, I like to grab one of these fruit and veggie bars. They are sweet enough and better for you than a regular popsicle or bowl of ice cream.

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