Travel Tips & Advice For The Holidays

Travel Tips And Advice For The Holidays

Love it or hate it, travel is an essential part of life. Personally, I like to visit new places even though it can be stressful. But today I will attempt to take the edge off for you. I wanted to share a few travel tips that you can use this holiday season while you are traveling to your grandma’s house, sister’s apartment or best friend’s loft. If you find these tips are helpful, comment below and subscribe for for lifestyle tips. 

Prepare Ahead Of Time

1. Create a checklist-

This might sound extreme, but I like to make a list of what I need to pack for my trip. It’s a solid plan to help you not forget anything.

2. Check the weather-

Where ever you are going even if it is a few towns over, check the weather just in case. This way you can pack accordingly.

3. Boost Your Immune System-

This is probably most beneficial when traveling abroad, but extra vitamins and nutrients never hurt anybody. A few weeks before your trip, try to remember to take your vitamins and work on strengthening your immune system. You never know what might be in the air or food wherever you are visiting.

4. Eat!

Before your flight or car ride, make sure you eat. Traveling takes a lot of energy, so treat your body right. You can also pack snacks for the journey.

5. Clean Your House Before You Go-

Cleaning up your house is a great way to reduce some stress. There’s nothing worst than coming home from vacation or visiting family and there is a huge mess to clean up. Do yourself a favor and get your dirty work out of the way.

6. Leave The House Early-

No matter if you are traveling by plane or car, always leave your house earlier than planned. Anything can happen, especially during the holiday season. It’s best to prepare for delays, traffic jams, or unfriendly weather conditions.

7. Stick To Your Carry On-

If you are traveling during the  season, you know how often luggage gets lost. If you are going to be gone for less than a week, this should be manageable.

8. Keep Your Electronics Charged-

You will be dealing with long lines and crying babies all day, so bring batteries and chargers for all of your electronic devices.

Pack Light

9. Pack Basics-

Take clothes that are versatile and you can wear multiple outfits with. This leaves room for more accessories (which you can store in a pair of socks!) to style your outfits.

10. Roll, Don’t Fold-

Instead of folding your clothes like normal, roll them up like a burrito. This will save you a tone of room.

11. Use Shoes For Storage-

Always stick your shoes at the bottom of your bag. You can even put smaller items in your sneakers.

12. Bring Silk-

Fancy right? Pack a silk scarf or pillow case with you if you are staying at a hotel. A lot of the time housekeeping doesn’t clean the pillow cases everyday. Ew. To prevent that gross feeling, bring your own. Plus, silk is less damaging to your hair than cotton when you are tossing and turning at night.



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