How To Create The Perfect Workout Split For You

How To Make A Workout Split

Hey, guys! I have been seeing a lot of questions on social media about how to create a workout split. So, I’ve decided to break it all down and share my own workout split routine. My workouts are never set in stone because some days I am way more sore than I anticipated. It’s important to give your muscles plenty of time to recover, which is typically 48 hours. If you are not allowing your muscles to heal, chances are, you will hit a plateau or even injury yourself. 


Where Do I Start?

Everyone has their own specific fitness goals, therefore, your split is probably different than mine and that is okay. There are so many things that factor into how you create your split, So, here are a few questions you need to ask yourself before you create your split:

What are your fitness goals?

How busy is your schedule?

How long does it take your muscles to recover?

My Workout Split

Next, let’s talk about my workout split! I was going to start training for a 5K, but I got reintroduced to the weightlifting world a few months ago. Needless to say, I have new goals in mind now. I still really like to run distance, but I am seeing more results by doing shorter, higher intensity cardio exercises along with strength training. If you ladies are afraid to start lifting, don’t worry. Because I have a short video that might convince you otherwise. But, here is a typical split for me:


Monday- Rest (…because Mondays)

Tuesday- Legs 

Wednesday- Shoulders & Abs

Thursday- HIIT

Friday- Back & Biceps

Saturday- Abs & Cardio 

Sunday- Legs- Glute focused


But if you are a complete beginner and have no idea where to start, then you can try out one of these workout splits down below. Generally, you should be training each major muscle group twice a week if you are looking to lose fat and build lean muscle. You can always modify your split to fit into your fitness goals. These splits are a foundation that can help you build your own. 


Split A

Monday- Full Body

Tuesday- Rest

Wednesday- Full Body

Thursday- Rest

Friday- Full Body

Saturday- Rest

Sunday- Rest


Split B

Monday-upper body

Tuesday-lower body

Wednesday- rest

Thursday- upper body

Friday- lower body

Saturday- rest

Sunday- rest


Split C

Monday- chest, shoulders, triceps

Tuesday- back and biceps

Wednesday- legs and abs

Thursday- chest, shoulders, triceps

Friday- back and biceps

Saturday- legs and abs

Sunday – Rest


What is your current workout split?

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