How To Really Get Rid of Hip Dips

Hey girl, I know you want those full hips instead of those ugly violin hips. I’ll let you in on my secret to getting voluminous wide-set hips. It’s not eating in a caloric surplus, weight training, or booty band exercises. Now that I have your attention, let’s discuss. 

Hip dips are literally your bone structure where there is an indentation on your upper thighs. This is caused by the natural shape of your hip and femur bone. Everyone has hip dips, but your bone structure aka genetics determine how deep that inward curve is. In some cases, people are genetically blessed and carry more fat in their hips than others. 

If your goal is to lose weight, those pesky hip dips will be accentuated. The more body fat you lose, the more visible your hip dips will be. I have bulked and cut and I can see my hips dips no matter if I’m lean or thicker. Since losing fat and gaining muscle can make your hip dips stand out more, they can also indicate a fit & healthy body.

Sure, you can build the side booty. But since you view hip dips from the front, this is not going to make the indentations less apparent. The gluteus medius is significantly smaller than the other glute muscles surrounding it. Lest we not forget that hips dips are made from your skeletal structure and have nothing to do with muscle. 

The only two ways you can have full hips is if you naturally gain fat around your hips or if you go under the knife. This is why we shouldn’t compare ourselves to another woman’s body. Everyone’s journey and where we come from are all different. There’s no reason to get rid of hip dips or hate the natural structure of your body. When you’re killing yourself in the gym, remember what’s attainable and realistic. Start paying attention to doing the best you can to reach your potential, not some tv land fantasy. 

My suggestion is to stop looking at unrealistic Kim Kardashian bodies. The more you see that image, the more you compare yourself to them and criticize yourself. You don’t know them and their lives don’t affect you. Maybe it’s time to unfollow some Instagram accounts. Fitness goals are great to have, but don’t lose focus of self-love and health. 

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