5 Tips On How To Start Running

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How to Start Running

If you have dropped by my YouTube channel, you know I love to share my love for running. It’s such an easy cardio exercise that anyone can do. And I mean anyone. I have lived with my roommate for almost 3 years and never saw her workout. She got into hiking by herself and just last week she ran 2 miles for the first time in her life! There are so many benefits that come along with running. However, I feel like there are a lot of people out there who want to run, but don’t know where to start. I wanted to give you a few pointers when it comes to easing into running.


Active Wear

Be sure to wear comfortable, non-restricting clothes that you can move in. I have first-hand experience with this. The elastic around a pair of my sweatpants came off in the dryer and I threw them on without thinking. Needless to say, I was wasting my energy on trying to hold up my pants the entire 3 miles journey. Also wear bright, neon colors for drivers to notice you better. You’ll also need to invest in a good pair of trainers.


Focus On Technique Instead Of Distance

If you are a complete newbie, don’t worry about how fast and far you can run. Concentrate on your form. Proper form and breathing will help you get better over time. Remember, if you ran your best time first, there wouldn’t be a need for improvement. Run as far as you can the first week and slowly increase your distance. Progress is key.


Stay Hydrated & Nourished

You’re going to be exhausted and hungry after your run, so plan ahead. You’ll want to eat something loaded with protein and can easily be digested before you hit the pavement. Bananas are a great snack because they are soft and contain high amounts of potassium.


Play Music

There’s nothing worse than being stuck on a long run without music. I recommend putting together a playlist or Pandora station that is uplifting. I am one of those runners who can listen to anything, but the more upbeat, the more intense you’ll most likely run.


Visit The Doc

You should always get checked out by a physician before you start any exercise program. Running is no exception. Some people who say they hate running actually may have an injury that is preventing them from running comfortably. If something hurts, get it looked at by a doctor. Also, you can go to your local running store and get fitted for shoes. A lot of time not wearing the proper shoes for your feet can result in shin splints and other problems.




I hope you enjoyed the post! If you want to see more, I’ll leave my video on newbie running tips below.

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