How To Stay Fit While You’re Visiting Vegas!

Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, there’s a good chance that your daily workout routine will be disrupted. Between not having access to the gym and not being able to meal prep, traveling can be a nightmare for any fitness junkie. Especially if your destination is Las Vegas. Everybody knows Vegas is the capital of over indulgence, but when it comes to health, Sin City isn’t really different than any other city. If you’re serious about health and wellness, you will make exercise a priority no matter where you are. Just because you are running to conferences or slot machines doesn’t mean you can’t stay fit and active. Fortunately, I have the scoop on how you can still workout while you’re out of town. I moved to Vegas 2 years ago and love everything about it. If you want to find fun things to do on your vacation, has the best deals on hotels, shows, and plane tickets.


5 Tips To Stay Fit In Las Vegas

Be Realistic-

Understand you are not going to be able to perform your normal exercise routine. However, this doesn’t have to be a complete hiatus from your workout routine. Plan ahead and pack the essentials. If you can’t get to a gym, don’t fret. Your muscles could probably use the time off to recover, especially if you are a gym rat.

Eat Clean-

Yes, you can find more than a cocktail on the strip. Vegas actually has quite a few different juice bars, which is perfect for staying hydrated and energized all night. If you pop into the Palazzo, you can find smoothies and detox drinks at JuiceFarm. Jamba Juice is a similar franchise and is located at the Miracle Mile and Fashion Show mall.

Canyon Ranch Grill serves healthy breakfast all day as well as kale chips and smoothies. You can find this relaxing restaurant inside the Venetian. I love this place because it is attached to a spa. You can enjoy healthy foods while you relax.

Workout When You Can-

In between attending meetings and being distracted by Vegas’s charm, make time to exercise. Most likely, you won’t have a car when you visit Las Vegas unless you rent one. This can be positive for your workout routine. Take your pedometer and paint the town red. This city has plenty of sidewalks and walkways for you to take a power walk.

Use The Casino’s Gym & Activities-

Most of the casinos have a gym on the property, but often cost more because of their amenities. Take a look at some great hotel deals! If you can get around easily, you can also purchase a day pass at the Las Vegas Athletic Club.

Fine Art Indoor Hike- This trail is filled with culture and is located at the Aria. Not only are you enjoying the beauty and fine art, but a certified trainer is making you sweat the entire time. This 60-minute workout is a great way to get in your morning cardio.

Yoga with the Dolphins- You can actually find your inner peace with the dolphins at the Mirage. They offer a yoga class every weekend for a reasonable price. And yes, you get to swim with the dolphins. All skill levels are welcomed, but make sure you call ahead to reserve a spot!

Pack and Plan Ahead

Of course, it’s impossible to bring your weight set, but there’s room in your suitcase for a resistance band or jump rope. Bodyweight workouts can be your best friend while you’re away from the gym. You can pack a few healthy snacks like granola bars, oatmeal, and nuts in your suitcase. These premade snacks can prevent you from making an unhealthy choice. Schedule your exercise in the morning or around your other activities you have planned. Do 20 minutes of strength training circuits in your hotel room whenever you have a chance.

How do you stay fit and healthy while you’re out of town?
What do you pack any snacks or exercise equipment?

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