How To Stay Healthy While You’re On Vacation

How To Have A Fit Vacation

You don’t have to compromise staying healthy for a good time. Vacation is supposed to be a time for rest and relaxation. Remember while a vacation is time away from your usual routine, this doesn’t mean your fitness life should come to a hiatus. Besides, calories still count when you’re out of town.

Don’t let your hard work go to waste. The day you resume your normal fitness program, you will regret stalling and even reversing your progress.

I’m not saying stress out all your friends because you can only drink green smoothies. So, don’t forget to live a little because you are on vacation. I want to help you live with balance with these powerful tips.

Here are 6 tips on how to stay healthy while you’re on vacation.


HIIT Workouts-

Look at it as a break from scheduling split workout routines. You’re going to want to do as many full body and HIIT workouts as you can. Luckily, just 1-2 high-intensity interval workouts a week will help boost your metabolism for up to 48 hours. You can read more about HIIT workouts here!


Plan Physical Activities-

You don’t have to lift heavy or run sprints to get your exercise. You can workout by finding a beautiful trail nearby, or lakes to swim in. A quick google search can tell you the nearest activity


Pack healthy-

It can be so easy to stop at the nearest McDonald’s to grab a small meal when you’re hangry. But there is a better way. I always keep healthy snacks with me if I’m out of town. You can also shop at your local supermarket for clean eating. Remember to always request a fridge and microwave ahead of time, because some hotels only accept requests. 


Bring Some The Essentials-

In all honesty, if you simply can’t bring any workout equipment with you, PROGRESS can still be made with body weight alone. But in case you can make some room in your suitcase, you can bring a light pair of dumbbells, a yoga mat, resistance bands, a medicine ball, and a jump rope. Most hotels have a fitness facility on the property with basic gym equipment.


Keep It Simple When You’re Eating Out-

Most restaurants have plain chicken breast and vegetables, which is probably the healthiest choice. In order to avoid the extra sodium and seasonings, just ask them to grill everything without seasonings. Also, make sure to ask for all sauces on the side.


If you are visiting the beach, see how far you can walk along the shore. Walk everywhere you can, while keeping yourself safe. Find restaurants and shops that are close enough for you to walk to. If you have a car, park as far away as possible, so you have a longer distance to travel. It’s easy to get lazy during vacation, so try to get out and walk as much as humanly possible. You should also take the stairs. There are so many buildings with escalators and elevators for easy access. Take the path less traveled and walk!

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