How To Meal Prep Chicken For The Whole Week

How To Meal Prep Chicken For The Whole Week

Hey, you! So, I have recently joined the meal prep squad and I am glad I did. Meal prepping helps me save time, money, and decision-making. It’s easy to reach for the easiest prepackaged foods we can find when we are hungry. Which usually contains high amounts of sodium and sugars. Instead of just wandering aimlessly into the kitchen, have some meals already prepared so that you can grab and go.

This is an example of what one week of meal prep should look like. If you are afraid of spoilage, you can always meal prep a few meals at a time instead of the whole week. You can also store your meals in the freezer. I also have a meal prep video on my channel that I will link somewhere below for you! Now, let’s get started.


chicken breasts

red potatoes





lemon zest seasoning

chipotle chicken seasoning

olive oil

brown rice

green beans



Rub olive oil on both sides of the chicken breasts. This will help the seasonings stick better. I honestly don’t measure a lot of what I cook because I know what I like. You can use the ingredients above, or use your favorite to season the chicken breast. I also recommend using a few lemon slices to keep the chicken juicy.


meal prep chicken

You can cook your chicken a few different ways. I decided to try out my Nuwave oven. I set the cook time to 350 degrees for 14 minutes because these breasts were big. Using the oven works just as well.


meal prep chicken

Then, I rinsed and diced the red potatoes up in small bites and threw them in a bowl. I used the same seasonings to mix in, but of course, use what you like. Rosemary would be amazing to throw on red potatoes.


Next, came the asparagus. I rinsed, cut off the ends, and seasoned this delicious vegetable. I preheated my oven to 425 even though the potatoes need to be cooked at 450. (You can always cook something longer, but you can’t cook it less). While I let these beauties cook, I flipped my chicken over and set my timer for another 14 minutes or until they were done. (Again, these puppies were big, so the total cook time was 32+ minutes) If you have big pieces to cook, you can always make strips.


After 15 minutes, I pulled out the asparagus and left the potatoes in for another 10 minutes. I also changed the temp to 450. Since I was just waiting for the potatoes to cook, I put the green beans on the stove on low and a packet of brown rice in the microwave. Always remember KISS (keep it simple stupid)!



How do you meal prep?


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    1. Absolutely! You can also use an oven or a stove. I’d love to do a post sometime on slow cooker recipes!

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