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ThredUp Haul & Try-On | Dress For Less

Welcome back to my blog! About a month ago I reached out to a company called Thredup. For those of you who are unfamiliar, it is basically a huge online thrift store. I absolutely love what they are doing and what they are teaching our generation.

You can find designer secondhand clothing, shoes, accessories, handbags, and more. They also have clothes from stores like H&M and Forever 21. But no matter what you come across, you can save up to 90%! They have expert stylists that refurbish the clothing and you can’t even tell that they have been worn once. They also give you the option to sell the clothes that are just sitting in your closet back to the store for cash or store credit.

Long story short, I used to have a lot of dresses when I had my first apartment. But when you are young and dumb, you lose everything in storage. Needless to say, I have been rebuilding my collection the past few years. I recently noticed that not only are my jeans not fitting how they did 3 years ago, but I almost have no dresses.

My goal for this shopping excursion was to order as many dresses that I could find for the credit amount Thredup allotted me ($60). That’s right, I bought 8 dresses for $60 and saved over $160!

Also if you sign up for Thredup and use me as a referral, you get $10 free to shop around and i will get $10. The more people you refer, the more bucks you get to blow! On top of that, I have a 50% off code “FoxyFitness” for the first 50 orders that is valid until the end of this year. Now, enjoy the rest of the post!


FOXYFITNESS (50% off first 50 orders valid until 12/31)



Forever Casual Dress – Original Price: $24 | Paid: $6.99

I am not a huge pink fanatic. But on Wednesdays, you know what we wear. I absolutely love the risque deep v cut. I also like how the length hits just above the knees. In my opinion, you can tell it has been worn a few times. However, it is a cheaper dress and it’s made of a pretty thin material. 




ASOS Casual Dress – Orginal Price: $48 | Paid: $8.99

Even when I owned a lot of dresses, I didn’t gravitate towards prints or patterns, but something about this dress is fiery. It’s also in really great condition! I love the cut out in the back. I got this in a size 2 and it fits just right.




ASOS Casual Dress – Original Price: $48 | Paid: $8.99

The first thing I have to mention is that the size was a little too small. I also didn’t notice that the tag says “petite”, so a size 2 was a little too tight for me. However, you really could mistake this piece for brand new. I love how the A-line cinches your waist and creates that hourglass shape. It does make me feel like I am wearing a more expensive dress. I just wish I could find a way to get out of it. But if I had this in a bigger size, it would be one of my favorite things to wear!




Nollie Casual Dress – Original Price: $30 | Paid: $9.99

Personally, I feel like a girl can’t own enough LBDs (as you can tell in this haul). The scoop neckline is very flattering without being too busty. I love just throwing on a tank top dress in the summer and a pair of converses. And then you can change into some heels for a night out with the girls, or yourself. The criss-cross pattern in the back is also just revealing enough.




Forever 21 Casual Dress – Original Price: $12 | Paid: $7.99

Sometimes you don’t want to show off the girls and t-shirt dresses are perfect. I love anything easy to throw on and is comfortable to wear. I don’t think I have enough colors in my closet, so this burgundy shade will be a great addition. You can’t go wrong with a simple cotton dress for any occasion.




Divided by H&M Casual Dress – Original Price: $12.95 | Paid: $6.99

This charcoal casual dress actually still had the original tags on. I am digging the bodycon effect and the fact that the neckline is just low enough. If you are into accessorizing, I feel like a solid color dress or top is a great place to start. I like to keep things simple and maybe dress it up with a cute clutch and t-strap heels.



Arden B. Casual Dress – Original Price: $36 | Paid: $7.99

This dress is really in excellent condition. The nylon material helps to pronounce your curves. The description says it’s red but it looks coral to me. which I like better anyway. Again, this dress has a cut out in the back. But even though I got it in an XS, there is still a little extra fabric in the waist area. I do like the length. I think it would be really cute with a pair of black thigh high boots and a bold necklace.




 Divided by H&M Casual Dress – Original Price: $24 | Paid: $7.99

My last LBD is a really cute black cotton bodycon. I got this in a small, but that’s my fault for trying to squeeze myself in a size 2. (I think we’ve all learned a lesson here). The crew neckline is awesome because it is different than the other dresses I picked out. There is nothing sexier than a little black dress, besides little black workout clothes.




Have You Had Any Experiences With ThredUp? 

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