Positive Body Image & Self-Esteem

The Importance of Positive Body Image

Hey guys, it’s Heather. I want to talk a little bit about body image and self-esteem. It just seems like I’ve been hearing and reading more things about young girls having eating disorders.

I will be honest and say that I am not the most confident person in the world. I have had issues with the way I look and the person I am. My skin is too pale, my eyebrows are too sparse, my lips are too thin, I’m too short, I don’t speak with confidence. I spent my teenage and early adult life trying to be good enough for everyone else. Mom, dad, brother, grandma friends, boyfriends. I was trying to be perfect, which remember is just an illusion.

Society and the media portray women as this sex symbol with unrealistic expectations. But little do we realize, those celebrities are so airbrushed and altered. When they take off their makeup and designer clothes at the end of the day, they look just like you and me.

I also feel that how we view food affects how we view our bodies. I used to look at food as something I needed to survive or even use to punish myself. But now, I view food as giving nutrition and fueling my body and I think that’s what we need to be teaching other young women.

I can’t go back in time and tell myself to stay strong, but I can tell all of you beautiful women and men out there that you are enough.

And if you really feel the need to change or lose weight. Do it for yourself because you want to. Because you want to live a healthier life and make better choices.


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