Body Weight Blast Challenge | Day 2 | Abs Exercise Guide

abs exercise

Body Weight Challenge | Abs Exercise Guide

Hey there! Thanks for joining me for Day 2 of my Body Weight Blast Challenge! In today’s workout we are focusing on those abs. A strong core is so important for our balance and movement. Toning those abs doesn’t have to be hard. Eat clean, drink water, and train them at least once a week. You will see the most results by doing 6-7 ab exercise with little to no rest in between.

For this circuit, we are doing 20-40 seconds of each exercise (whatever is doable for you). Feel free to repeat the workout one or two more times and feel the burn! Please enjoy the 7-day challenge and share this with your friends & family that need a little more motivation.



abs exercise

Bicycle Crunches

1. Lie on a mat with your back pressed into the floor. And place your hands behind your head (without placing all the weight in your hands)

2. Gently lift your shoulder blades off the floor and extend your left leg out. Bend your right knee to a 45 degree angle and twist your torso toward the right until your elbow is almost touching your knee.

3. Now do the same thing on the other side and alternate back and forth.



abs exercise

Side V Ups

1. Lie on your side with one arm behind your head and one arm extended out on the floor for support.

2. Using your core muscles, lift your legs off the floor and bring them close toward your torso.

3. Return to the starting position and repeat for 20-40 seconds.


abs exercise

Reach Throughs

1. Lie flat on your mat with your legs bent to a 90 degree angle, but not close together.

2. Use your core muscles to lift your shoulders off the floor and reach through your legs towards your feet.

3. Keeping your shoulders off the floor, continue to reach through with your arms.


abs exercise

Plank w/ Shoulder Taps

1. Get up into a table top position with your shoulders directly above your wrists and your spine nice and straight.

2. Sucking in your belly button toward your spine, touch your right shoulder with your left hand.

3. Now touch your left shoulder with your right hand. And keep alternating without swaying your body.


abs exercise

Mountain Climbers

1. Again, we’re back in that full plank position. But position one of your legs under your hips.

2. Now alternate each leg for 20-40 seconds!

abs exercise

Leg Lifts

1. Lie flat on the floor and place your arms down by your sides or underneath your booty for support.

2. Breathe out as you lift your extended legs off the mat.

3. Inhale as you lower your legs back down and repeat the motion for 20-40 seconds.


abs exercise

Single Leg Jack Knife

1. Surprise! We are starting on the mat. Extend your arms above your head with your palms facing up.

2. Raise your right leg up towards the ceiling while you reach through your leg with your arms.

3. Alternate between legs each time you crunch up and repeat for 20-40 seconds.




What are your favorite ways to train abs?  

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