Body Weight Blast Challenge | Day 3 | Cardio Exercise Guide

cardio exercise

Body Weight Blast Challenge | Cardio Exercise Guide


Welcome to day 3 of the Body Weight Blast Challenge. Yes, we’re getting stronger, but we also need to work on our cardio. We are doing 20-40 seconds of each exercise. Feel free to repeat this circuit 1-2 times. Let’s get to it!


cardio exercise

In & Out Squats

1. Start with your feet together & arms down by your sides.

2. Jump your feet out in a wide squat & jump them back together.

3. Staying in a squat position, repeat the movement jumping your feet in and out for 20-40 seconds.


cardio exercise

High Knees

1. Stand with your back straight and feet shoulder width apart.

2. Push one knee up as fast as you can up until your thigh is parallel with the floor. Use your arms to meet your legs as a guide and for balance.

3. Staying on the balls of your feet, alternate knee for 20-40 seconds.


cardio exercise


1. Stand nice and tall with your feet shoulder-width apart.

2. Bend your knees so that you are in a squat.

3. Set your hands on the floor in front of you.

4. Jump both feet back until you are in a plank position.

5. Quickly jump back to your feet right outside of your hands.

6. Then jump straight up towards the ceiling and extend your arms into the air.

7. Repeat the motion as soon as you land on the floor.


cardio exercise

Fly Jacks

1. Start nice and tall with your arms down by your sides.

2. Raise your arms out in front of your chest until the palms of your hands touch. At the same time, jump your legs out wide like a jumping jack.

3. Quickly jump your feet back to the starting position and widen your arms out straight to your sides.

4. Repeat this movement for 20-40 seconds.


cardio exercise

Alternating Jumping Lunges

1. Stand in a split stance with your torso straight and tall. Keep your knees bent at 90 degrees.

2. Lower your back knee down into a lunge.

3. Jump towards the ceiling and quickly switch your legs while you’re in the air.

4. You should land with the opposite leg behind you now.

5. Alternate the position of your legs every time you jump.


cardio exercise

Plank w/ In & Out Jacks + Knee

1. Get up in that plank position while you’re sucking in hat belly button towards the spine.

2. Jump your legs out wide and then back together.

3. Bring in your right knee towards your chest and back into the starting position.

4. Switch up which knee you bring in every time you jump in and out your feet.





How do you get your cardio in?  

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