Distressed Jeans DIY

Somehow I end up with jeans in my closet that I don’t wear and I don’t want to throw away. So like the hoarder I am, I use my creative skills to bring them back to life. The reason why I have so many pairs of pants that aren’t distressed in the first place is because it’s hard to find them in the stores. And once I do find a pair I like, they are out of my budget. I used to distress denim with my best friend in high school with a box cutter and patience. I recently went through my closet and tore up a few pair. But this time, I used a different approach with the same amount of patience.

What You Will Need:

magazine/notebook (optional)
razor/sandpaper (optional)


Step 1: This works with any type of denim (shorts, jeans, skirts, etc.) Mark when you want your holes to be. You can try them on to get a better idea of where you want the tears. You can use a pen, pencil or even chalk. Make sure wherever you decided to place the mark, you draw 2 lines parallel to one another. You can also distress the front and back pockets.


Step 2: Next, very carefully cut where you made the marks. You can use the sandpaper or razor to rough up the fabric before you cut. I recommend placing a magazine or notebook in the pant legs. This will prevents any accidents of cutting through to the other side.


Step 3: Pull out the indigo colored thread with the tweezers. Be careful not to grab the white thread. This does take time, so clear your schedule for a few hours.



Step 4: Throw your denim in the washer and dryer when you are finished. After they are dry, the look is complete and you are ready to wear your ripped jeans like new.



I hope this post was fun and something different. If you would like to see more posts like this let me know in the comments. How do you guys distress your jeans?

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