Growing Spinach In The Fall

So, yes this blog is about to take a different direction. I’m only human, and my interests may have shifted. I am a farmer and love everything botany! I also think it’s important that people become more self sufficient when it comes to growing quality food. If you also enjoy gardening, the Fall time can seem underwhelming to say the least. But it doesn’t have to be because there are still abundant plants you can grow around this time of year. Enjoy these 6 tips for growing spinach, my personal favorite green!

I’m sure you can find some blog posts and recipes somewhere around here that include spinach, so it’s not secret that it is a vegetable I consume regularly. So why not grow it? The unfortunate thing about spinach is that it bolts (seeds) once it gets too hot outside. The good news, it does well in temperatures as low as the late teens. If you get it started in early Fall the plant will be mature enough to handle the cold.

1. Plant seeds directly into soil

2. Spinach does not require fertilizer, just keep the soil moist with water 

3. Harvest leaves before they get too big and bitter 

4. Plant in cooler weather (beginning of spring or fall to prevent bolting 

5. Plant seeds 2 inches apart and then thin or cut the sprouts to be 4 inches apart

6. Plant spinach seeds every 2 weeks for a regular supply 

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