3 Tips For A Healthy Holiday

The holidays are here, which typically means travel and larger than life portion sizes (lest we forget pumpkin spice). Meanwhile, gyms everywhere are going unused and workout videos are going unwatched. It seems like if you’re not stuck in traffic headed to grandma’s house then you’re working overtime to pay for gifts. So when the hell do you have time for fitness? All that progress you made during summer shredding comes to a screeching halt. But just because you’re on a holiday break, doesn’t mean your goals have to be. Your health should be a priority all year round. And not just when it’s the season of showing more skin. I don’t want those gains to be lost in vain, so here are some tips to keep in mind when you are on the go this holiday season. 


Whether it’s a Christmas party, visiting the family, or road trips, you can always bring your own food. Stock up on healthy snacks so you don’t end up at a fast food drive thru. If you’re driving, gas station almost always have nuts, seeds, protein bars, and even fruit! And if you’re worried about overeating on stuffing and mashed potatoes, you can always fill up on healthy foods before you get there. There’s nothing wrong with indulging in your Mama’s cooking, but overindulging can have consequences. 

Bring Your Workout Inside

It might be too cold outside to go for a run, but you can find plenty of things to do inside. Even if you are visiting friends and family, you can find the time and place for a little holiday sweat. Obviously this time of year is about spending time with loved ones. But I’m sure they will understand if you need 30-60 minutes to take care of you. You can visit a local gym or follow along at home workout videos. You can also include them in your activities by walking around the mall or do something fun like go ice skating! 

Remember Your Goals 

Is that extra servings of macaroni and cheese casserole worth ditching your health goals? The holidays come once a year, so enjoy yourself. You can still have a fun filled holiday without throwing your goals on the back burner. It shouldn’t take having 3 different deserts to have a good time. Your goals won’t happen if you don’t put in the work. I mean, think about it. Your body doesn’t care about how your taste buds feel. Remember, we’re trying to reach long term goals. Think about why you want to live a healthy lifestyle. You’re going to have numerous opportunities to cheat yourself. Don’t do it.

How will you stay active this winter?

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