False Advertisement on Instagram & Coming Clean

Something that has caught my attention recently are these Instagram accounts who are posting other people who have lost weight and writing captions giving credit to the keto diet. I don’t understand how this is not against Instagram rules. This is clearly false advertisement and it’s disgusting that people will go so far as to tell a bold face lie in order to push their agenda. Most of these accounts don’t give credit to the Instagram user. But there are even some accounts who do credit the original post. You can easily take a look at the user’s profile to figure out their success wasn’t because of the keto diet. I’m not exactly pro censorship. I believe that people should be able to speak their opinions, however there should be some type of regulation to prevent scams like this.

Someone took it a step further and edited photos of Lori Greiner from Shark Tank promoting ketogenic products. Could you imagine discovering photos of you endorsing products you have zero affiliation with? Yuck. I can see how it would feel like identity theft. Accounts using people’s transformation and progress photos of their hard work from exercise and a healthy diet to spread false information should go against community guidelines. 

Not one diet or lifestyle is a one size fits all. Keto, vegan, intermittent fasting, can all benefit someone, but they don’t work for everyone. Our bodies are well designed, smart machines and you can adopt to almost any diet. Don’t feel stuck if you are currently following a diet that you don’t enjoy. The older I get, the more I realize life is all about the experiences we have. There’s no point in wasting time doing things we hate. We have a limited amount of will power and you don’t want to waste it on a restrictive diet. 

For the sake of transparency, I thought I would mention that I’m no longer vegan. I refuse to be a fitness blogger who isn’t truthful about her nutrition and training. I didn’t really want to make a big deal about my dietary changes, but this seemed like an appropriate space to come clean. I just wanted to mention it wasn’t the diet’s fault, it was user error. I’ll explain more in next week’s post, but I have added eggs and occasionally some sprinkles of feta cheese to my diet.

Don’t be afraid to be honest about a change in your diet or health. A label shouldn’t dictate how you live your life. I’m sure I will be attracting angry militant vegans, but I could care less. I would rather tell the truth because I could never lie to the people who genuinely enjoy my content and fitness journey. It’s easy to post what your audience wants to see. I can imagine how many vegan or keto influencers who aren’t 100% vegan or keto. I hope to inspire other fitness creators to be honest about what they’re doing. Scammers make it hard to decipher which stories are fact and which ones are in fact stories. I don’t want to be a part of the problem.

I’ve always advocated a healthy, balanced diet. There’s nothing wrong with trying out other diets or workout programs. But if you don’t feel your best, it’s time to change something up. I just wanted to open up the conversation and create more awareness when it comes to fake content. There’s a lot of noise out there. Be aware of dishonest creators and do what is healthy to you.

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