Step by Step Makeup Tutorial: Hollywood Glam Edition

Hollywood Glam Makeup Look

I am really into subtle and natural makeup. However, recently I have been wanting to experience with different styles. The classic Hollywood glam appeals to me because of its bold but beautiful vibe. I hope you guys enjoy reading my version of the old school Hollywood glam makeup look. If you like, feel free to comment, share and subscribe!


hollywood glam hollywood glam


I have been using this Tone Adjusting Primer by e.l.f. After I moisturize my face, I apply a thin layer of this primer all over. It really toned down my discoloration and helps my makeup last all day. I let it set on my face for about 10 minutes so it’s velvety and a little tacky.


hollywood glam


The Color Stay foundation by Revlon is perfect for the holiday season. It’s long wearing and never oxidizes on my skin. I apply a thin layer after my primer has set. This foundation is full coverage, but also very buildable. If you are using a brush, it streaks a lot easier. So, apply small downward strokes until completely blended or use a beauty blender for a flawless finish.



I like to wait a few minutes after my foundation is dry to put on my concealer. Using a concealer brush, I pat the product in triangle shapes under my eyes. This will help the light reflect in the middle of the face. I have mad scars on my forehead, so I also conceal those.

hollywood glam


After I apply all the liquid makeup onto my face, I like to pat a small amount of translucent powder to my t zone. This helps with reducing shine and amplifying the airbrushed look.


hollywood glam


Before I do anything else with my face, I like to fill in my eyebrows first. I feel like shaping and evening up your brows help frame the rest of the face. I just dip the angled brush into the wax and powder of the e.l.f. brow kit and fill those bad boys in.


img_1407 img_1408


I’m keeping my eyeshadow pretty simple. I went in my crease with a transition shade. Next, I dabbed a small amount of a darker shade on my outer v and blended it all out. I also placed a white color in the inner corner of my eyes as well as below my brow bone.



I use the tiniest bit of bronzer on the top of my forehead and cheekbones. I also like to sweep a little underneath by jaw line because the rest of my face is so pale (don’t want to look uneven).



Next, the highlight. I’m not as obsessed with highlight as much as most girls. But, since it is the holiday season, I’m going to place a little more highlight to make it pop above and below my cheekbones (where I placed the bronzer). The highlight that comes in the Light & Shade Contour Palette by Kat Von D is subtle enough for me.




My go to mascara right now is Scandeyes by Rimmel. I apply 2 or 3 coats and I’m finished. The brush grips and curls my lashes better than any mascara I’ve used.



Finally, I’m lining my lips with a Milani liner and applying a red lipstick from e.l.f. A bold red lip can bring some life to any look.

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How To Apply Eyeshadow The Right Way

how to apply eyeshadow

How To Apply Eyeshadow Correctly

Applying eyeshadow will always be somewhat of a challenge for me. I wanted to share what I’ve learned over the years that helps me achieve a basic look. Remember, practice makes perfect and I am by no means a makeup artist. What are your tips on how to apply eyeshadow?

Step 1: Primer

Never underestimate the power of primer. This seems like an annoying extra step, but it helps create a base for your eyeshadow to lay on top. You can use primer or concealer to prep your eyelids. You don’t want your natural lid color to peek through your shadows. The effect will make your eyeshadows show up on your lids true to color. If your primer dries a little tacky, you can apply some translucent powder over your primer.

how to apply eyeshadow img_7353

Step 2: Transition Shade

It will make your life a lot easier if you use the lightest color in your crease. You can use a light brown or even your bronzer. The transition shade gives the other colors something to build around and creates a gradient appearance. Use a fluffy brush to disperse the eyeshadow evenly. Remember to hold the brush closer to the handle. Start out with a small amount of product and work the brush lightly in small circular motions inside your crease. Avoid packing on a lot of color, instead add layers until your desired results.


Step 3: Medium Shade

The second lightest eyeshadow shade should be applied with a tapered brush. You’ll need to use a brush with a smaller tip, for more precision. You’ll want to go directly on the inner crease of your eye with a light hand.


Step 4: Darkest Shade

Before you go in with the darker shade, take a clean fluffy brush to blend everything and finish any harsh lines. Use the tapered brush to trace a small “v” shape in the outer corner of your eyes. Blend the darker color into the lighter shades with small circular motions to keep the color in place.

Step 5: Lid Color

Take a flat makeup brush and apply a shimmery or light shade of eyeshadow on your lid, just before the crease. However, if you are going for a dramatic or smokey look, you can use a medium shade. It’s important to pat the color onto lids instead of rubbing it in order to prevent fallout.


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Easy Natural Makeup Tutorial

natural makeup

My Everyday Natural Makeup How To

Hey, you guys! I’m Heather. In today’s post, I wanted to share with you how I do my everyday, natural makeup. This look takes me not even 10 minutes to do. You could even consider this a “no makeup” look. If you like it and want to see more posts like this let me know in the comments below. My posts will get better and better, especially with your support! Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy the post.

*This post may contain affiliate links.


I always moisturize at least 15 minutes before I put on any makeup. I am currently using Revlon’s Color Stay foundation. Every beauty blogger and their sister have reviewed and recommended this product. I decided to see what the hype was all about and I understand! I dab a small amount on my hand and use a brush to apply. Then, I buff this into my skin for a flawless finish. It does a perfect job at covering any imperfections and smoothes out my complexion.

img_6768 img_6769


For concealer, I always use Maybelline’s Age Rewind. I’ve also reviewed this amazing product in a previous post. I drag the concealer under my eyes and form an upside down triangle. I also use it a little on the outside of my eyes and the center of my forehead.This draws in the light toward the center of my face for a glowing effect and covers up blemishes.



As you can see, I have VERY light eyebrows. If I don’t wear makeup at all, I at least paint my brows on. First, I tame them with an eyebrow comb the hairs to tame them. Then, I mix the angled side of the brush with the wax and powder and trace the outside of my eyebrows. And I fill them in! I try to make sure I blend it out because they can look a bit too dark.



I like to give my pale skin a little color and definition by adding a little bronzer. Since I have a big forehead, (like most 90s babies) I use a very small amount of bronzer across my forehead and along my cheekbones. This bronzer by Bare Minerals has lasted me for like 6 months and I haven’t even used half of it. A little goes a very long way.



The last thing I do to finish off with a few coats of mascara. I apply one coat at a time, waiting a few seconds in between.


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Drugstore Makeup Favorites

Hey, it’s Heather and I wanted to share with you guys my drugstore makeup favorites. These are some cosmetics I’ve been using on a daily basis for the past month or so. I have hit pan on a few items, but will be repurchasing them this month.

The best part about this list is that the products are affordable drugstore cosmetics. You can find them at Wal-mart, Target, CVS, and online for between $2-$8. Disclaimer: This post does contain affiliate links.



 Maybelline Age Rewind Concealer-

This is by far the only concealer I ever use. I’m about to buy my 4th tube in a row. I had heard so much about this product from other reviews and my roommate actually started using it before I did. Needless to say, I took the plunge myself and I haven’t looked back. This concealer doesn’t crease or look cakey on top of my foundation, which is a rarity. The formula doesn’t set in my pores or the scars on my forehead. It blends smooth instead of clumpy and is great for covering acne and around the eyes.


Elf Eyebrows

I have the hardest time trying to find a great brow product. The lightest color is usual still too dark and the waxes are hard to work with. But, this is my current favorite eyebrow makeup. Wow. I buy this in the color light for like $3 at Walmart. The brush is actually the perfect size for my eyebrows so I can get a sharp look. I apply this by mixing the wax and powder together on the angled side of the brush. I do have to reapply every 4-5 hours, but you should expect this with an e.l.f. product. Fortunately, it’s compact enough I just bring it with me when I need a touch-up.


Elf Volumizing and Defining Mascara

The first thing I noticed was how big the tube was. You really get a lot for a $2 tube. I was surprised at how lightweight and smooth the liquid felt. It didn’t feel crunchy or heavy at all. I noticed it defined and lengthened my lashes but didn’t really make them appear fuller. Sometimes I have a problem with clumping, but this mascara was completely smooth going on. Although the wand of the brush felt flimsy, the bristles separated each of my lashes perfectly. I did have to apply a few coats and touch it up throughout the day. The formula is gentle and light for ladies with sensitive skin.


NYC HD Eyeshadow

As a 23-year-old woman, I am embarrassed to say that I don’t know how to properly apply eyeshadow. Part of my 2016 resolution was to learn, so I bought this cheap little trio. The color is very sheer, which as a beginner I don’t mind. As long as you are careful to use separate brushes, the colors don’t get muddy or run together. The colors blend well and last for a few hours.


Rimmel Match Perfection

This foundation gives you a light coverage but is buildable. The formula isn’t drying, which was perfect for the hotter months. The finish is very dewy so I usually apply a little powder for a more matte look. I honestly will be trying a different foundation soon because I wasn’t overly impressed. It never broke me out or anything, I was just looking for a fuller coverage. I have very pink undertones in my skin and needed something to correct the color. I would recommend this foundation to you if you have combination or dry skin and want a lighter coverage.


Elf Eye Liner

If I don’t bother to put on eyeshadow, I try to add a simple line on the top of my lid. I love the old Hollywood glam look. Mascara, red lips and eyeliner. I saw this little guy was like $1 or $2, so I decided to take him home. I’ve used it off and on and it’s lasted me well over a month. It lasts for several hours and is easy to apply. The formula hasn’t dried out like how cheap liquid eye liners typically do. It’s still smooth and will be buying this again to keep in my purse.


Wet N Wild Blush

I don’t wear a ton of blush, but with this, you definitely don’t need a lot. I am so impressed with the pigmentation. When I say a little goes a long way, listen to me. Not that I’m complaining. I have super pale skin so a pop of this blush and I don’t even need bronzer. It’s also very blendable and gives you a soft look. I am nowhere to hitting pan yet, so I will probably be buying this again if I even run out.

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I’d love to hear what your favorite drugstore makeup is in the comments section. Also feel free to subscribe to my new newsletter!

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Sephora Haul & Review: Kat Von D, Benefit, Urban Decay & Makeup Forever

beauty,beauty blog,makeup,makeup blog,sephora,benefit,kat von d,urban decay,makeup review,makeup reviews,product reviews,beauty haul,sephora haul,

Hey, beautiful! Guess who went to Sephora? So, I haven’t exactly written a makeup haul and review yet, but I think it’s time. I don’t normally spend a lot of cash on makeup because I go through it so quickly. But I recently had a little extra doe, so I went to Sephora and decided to splurge on myself. Overall, I am very content with my purchases. I wanted to share my haul and review with you guys just in case you wanted to try it and need a second opinion. As a disclaimer, this post does contain affiliate links. My blog is just like any other business and requires some kind of income to stay on the web. I hope you enjoy the haul!



Kat Von D Shade & Light Face Contour Palette

I was hesitant about buying products to contour my face. I usually give myself a pop of color with a little bronzer, but I wanted to see what the fuzz was all about. My favorite part about this palette is that it comes with different shades of bronzer and highlighters. I have a natural pale complexion, but I tan on occasions. With this this palette, I don’t have to buy a shade darker than what I normally use. I would recommend this to anyone who is learning how to contour. Although the powders are pigmented, it’s easy to create a subtle look. The formula is smooth and very blendable. You can also layer the product to achieve a more contoured look. This product is also made without parabens and sulfates.

Retails for $46 – [Sephora] [Amazon]


Brow Zings by Benefit

I have nearly non-existent eyebrows. They are very thin and blonde, so I have tried many different products for brows. I like that this kit is compact and comes with a small pair of tweezers. I use the tweezers and mirror more than the actual product. For me, even the light shade is too dark for my blonde brows. The brush is not my favorite, but I use the angled brush. I could see how this kit could work on women with naturally darker eyebrows. The good news is that the color stays on all day.

Retails for $32- [Sephora] [Amazon]

2f785c69-c3f7-48d4-952c-293780f7f2d8 7eed859d-8ce6-4f8e-baeb-da7e354f8065

Urban Decay Sheer revolution Lipstick & Liner

I have thin white girl lips, so lipsticks and liners are my best friends. I bought the Urban Decay Sheer Revoluion Lipstick and liner in the shade Sheer Obsessed. The formula of the lipstick is creamy like a balmy texture. It’s also very hydrating with the combination of Shea butter and moisturizing oils. I also thought the pigment was going to be too sheer, but I was pleasantly surprised. The color stays on my lips for 2-3 hours. They also don’t contain any fragrances, which is great for dry or sensitive lips. The liner is just as pigmented and creates a beautiful fuller look. It glides smoothly so I can outline my lips flawlessly. I also was able to buy them on sale for half off. I give this pair a 9 out of 10 stars.

Retails at $22 [Sephora] [Amazon]


Roller Lash By Benefit

I usually have to apply several coats with other mascara, but with Roller Lash by Benefit I only need 2 or 3 swipes for full lashes.The formula is smooth and doesn’t clump.This mascara’s brush is literally made for separating eyelashes while lengthening and defining for a voluminous look. I bought the mini size and I would absolutely go back for the full size. This little guy is just cute and convenient.The curling wand also gives your lashes a natural looking curl.

Retails at $12 [Sephora] [Amazon]


Makeup Forever Mat Velvet + Mattifying Foundation

I have combination skin, so certain types of foundation work for me. When my skin tends to be oily, this foundation minimizes shine. I have very pink undertones in my skin and I noticed right away that this foundation has a great coverage you can build. This product evens out my complexion for a polished finish.

Retails at $39 [Sephora] [Amazon]

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Create A Natural Full Face For Under $25

natural full face

How To Create A Natural Full Face For Cheap

Personally, I would rather splurge on quality cosmetics knowing I will get the most beautiful results. However, I don’t always have the funds to fuel my addiction, much like many women. In today’s crazy world, it’s more important to focus on surviving. Fortunately, there are inexpensive cosmetics on the shelves that still perform. I’m sure you’ve heard about e.l.f. Cosmetics. They are a cruelty-free makeup brand and very affordable. I’ve come up with a list of 7 amazing beauty products that you don’t have to tap into your savings in order to achieve a complete, natural look. It’s possible and easy to create a natural full face look for under $25!

Foundation: e.l.f. Flawless Finish Foundation $6

This foundation helps to even out skin tones for a smooth complexion. The non-greasy and lightweight formula blends seamlessly on the skin and won’t cause breakouts and clogged pores. Although the liquid is difficult to layer, it already gives you a nice medium to full coverage. It’s great for covering fine lines and wrinkles without creasing or looking cakey. The formula also contains SPF 15 for mild protection from sun exposure.

Concealer: e.l.f. HD Concealer $3

This high definition concealer contains soothing properties like Green Tea and c-vitamins, which helps to improve skin tone and texture. The formula is thick enough to hide imperfections such as blemishes and hyperpigmentation, but light enough to blend naturally in the skin.

Mascara: e.l.f. Eye Enhancing Mascara $3

The wand is sturdy and is easy to separate each individual lash for a defined and natural look. The formula enhances thick and full eyelashes without clumping together. Although it’s not waterproof, it doesn’t smudge. A fair warning to future customers: There isn’t a lot of product in the tube and it starts to dry up after a few weeks. But considering the low price tag, you get what you pay for.

Brows: e.l.f. Eyebrow Kit $3

I personally have rebought this eyebrow kit. The compact and the brush it comes with are worth the $3 itself, but the powder and wax are surprisingly high quality too. I have super fair eyelashes, so this product helps me to achieve a natural thick eyebrow look. I can layer it to create a dramatic and bold look or tone it down for during the day. For a tip, I mix the wax and powder together and apply it with the brush.

Eyeshadow: e.l.f. Baked Eyeshadow Trio $4

Peach Please is the best trio color for ladies with blue eyes. All 3 colors blend well without looking dirty. The pigmentation is high quality. However, I prefer matte but they only have shimmery shades. Since these eyeshadows are baked, you can wet your brush for best results.

Lipstick: e.l.f. Matte Lip Color $3

I love these lip colors in the shades Praline and Tea Rose. The affordable price allows you try out all their colors! Even though they are matte textured, the color slides on smooth and isn’t drying to the lips. There’s even a sharpener that comes attached to the stick.

Lip Liner: e.l.f. Lip Liner & Blending Brush $3

This pencil really does amp up your lips. The defined tip gives you an enhanced and full pout. The color stays on the lips a long time for a $3 lip liner. This liner also comes with a brush attached to the end to blend the color through your lips. You could even smear it out and wear the liner as a lip stain.

I hope this list of inexpensive products help you achieve a soft and natural full face. Let me know in the comments if you agree or disagree. I’d love to know what makeup products you use for a natural or “no makeup” look. For high-end product reviews click here. xo!

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