Should There Be Overweight Mannequins?

I stumbled across a post on Instagram that poses the question, should mannequins be overweight to represent the average American? I don’t think there have been many overweight people to walk into a clothing store and say “these mannequins aren’t big enough, I’m out.” I think this is because people aren’t meant to be overweight and obese. You’re not born needing a seatbelt extender or a size 2XL in clothing. And people who are overweight can recognize that plus size isn’t the standard. 

However, there has been an unfortunate shift thanks to the fat acceptance and body positive movement. People care about making sure everyone fits in and feels accepted, which doesn’t sound bad. The problem is that people would rather be coddled than to hear the truth. I realize that bodies come in all different shapes and sizes. And you can be beautiful, smart, funny and amazing, but you cannot be healthy and obese. 

Obviously there needs to be plus size clothing and activewear available. What else are overweight and obese people suppose to wear? But I don’t think the answer is plus sized mannequins. Our eyes will adjust to overweight mannequins and this will become the new standard when you walk into a store. 

It’s expensive to mass produce different sized mannequins. A few years ago, Nike launched a plus sized mannequin. If it makes one person buy activewear, it is a great investment. I just don’t think that money should be wasted in making different sized mannequins. Those profits should go to advertising and making better quality clothing in all sizes. 

No one is really being represented by mannequins. It’s common knowledge that you and that mannequin have very different bodies, which is why you always try on clothes. The average size mannequin is 6 foot with a 24 inch waist, which absolutely no woman has those measurements. Not everything is going to be catered to you. I’ve realized this real quick being 5 foot. There are zero clothing store mannequins out there that represent my short stature, but I’m not crying about it. I know I’m not the average sized woman. You can’t do anything about your height, but you can definitely do something about your weight. 

Do you think overweight mannequins should be a thing?

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