Self Care Ideas: 5 Tips For Taking Care Of You!

self care ideas

Self Care Ideas & Tips for Taking Care of You!

Hey ladies! Self-love is one of those things that if you can conquer, you can handle anything that comes your way. Being able to just be happy with ourselves is an irreplaceable feeling. But learning to love and accept your strengthens and weaknesses can be a challenge. I am on my self-love journey and wanted to share a few tips that help me feel my best. Here are some helpful self care ideas! 


self care ideas

Pamper Yourself

Give yourself a manicure or pedi. Something about having a fresh paint job makes me feel all that is woman. Personally, I’m not talented to do them myself, so I go to the salon. But if you prefer to do them at home, give yourself the ultimate spa experience. Fill up the tub with bubbles and light those candles! If you like getting your hair done, treat yourself to a blowout. Maybe try some highlights or a stylish lob. Sometimes when I’m feeling low, I like to put together a really great outfit and do my hair and makeup. We usually feel a little better if we look better, so why not look your best?


self care ideas

Rock A Bare Face

Try not to wear makeup every single day. Set at least 1-2 days out of the week that you don’t beat your face. If you want youthful, glowing skin, you’re going to need to let your skin breathe. I know it’s hard to put down the paintbrush (especially when all these 14-year-olds are looking 25). Maybe on the weekends or any day you’re just hanging out at home, give your skin a little break and just be natural.


self care ideas

Give Yourself A Love Stretch

Ever find yourself sitting around at home and you just feel like you need a little something to bring balance to your day? Instead of fighting it, roll out the yoga mat and stretch it all out for a few minutes to clear your noggin. Stretching allows you to be in the moment and help you de-stress. Also, most of the time we are sitting all day at a desk or the car, so it’s important for our posture and overall health to get in a few minutes of stretch time.



Tidy Up Your Space

Even if you live in the tiniest apartment, take pride in the space that belongs to you. When my house is clean, I feel more motivated and focused to get other projects done. If I’m trying to work in a room that is unorganized and filthy, I will not get much accomplished. Take a few minutes out of your day to keep things clean and in their place. When you keep your house clean, you don’t need to clean anything (which is another check mark on your to-do list).


self care ideas

Journal Your Heart Out

Keeping a journal on hand is a great way to organize your thoughts, goals, and to-do list. A lot can be accomplished with a notebook and pen. Being able to physically mark things off your list can motivate you to get stuff done. If you have goals, write them. If you don’t have goals, create them and write it down. Journaling is such a powerful tool we take for granted. Got something you need to get off your chest? Write it out. Need to prioritize your day? Write it out. I think you get the idea.



What are some ways that you practice self-love?

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