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I’m Going Plant-based??


I am going plant-based because I don’t want to have animal cruelty as part of my lifestyle in a world where it is considered normal and necessary. In our past history, we have normalized male dominance, slavery, and abuse. Does a society get to dictate what is moral?


We all claim to be animal lovers and couldn’t stand to see an animal in pain. I’ve had several dogs as pets and have loved them all deeply, yet here I was paying for the torture and slaughter of these innocent animals. A pig, cow, chicken, turkey, dog, cat, are all living beings on this planet. They all are capable and very much do think and feel. I didn’t eat animal products because I needed to for my health or survival. Nobody needs meat. I did it because I enjoyed the convenience and taste of their dead flesh. I consumed animal products because my culture trained me to think that my body needs them to grow up strong and healthy.

What The Research Tells Us…


However, I’ve read the research and it sounds like these animal products are doing anything but promoting a healthy life. Meat and dairy are high in cholesterol, which is the #1 risk factor for heart disease. The thing about cholesterol is that your body already produces the amount you need. And the thing about a plant-based diet is that plants do not contain cholesterol. I mean think about it, we eat the animals to get protein, but the animals got their protein from plants. So all those nutrients are being filtered through their bodies. I am not going to continue to fund this holocaust when I can eat straight from the source and not have to harm anyone. My food will not be touched with antibiotics, carcinogens, or growth hormones ever again.


And have you seen the commercials on tv? There will be an advertisement for KFC, Pizza Hut, McDonald’s. But in between all those are commercials for high blood pressure, high cholesterol & weight loss medication. The proof is literally in front of us.

Why Not Just Go Vegetarian?


And some of you reading this might ask “why don’t you just go vegetarian if meat is so bad?” Well, the dairy industry isn’t pretty either. Not for your health and not for the animals. Imagine if you were a mother who had just given birth and your body is ready to breastfeed and nurture your baby. Instead, someone takes her/him away to be slaughtered. Then, another species comes in to take your milk. That’s what happens to dairy cows globally (it doesn’t matter if they come from a factory farm or family farm). And you wonder why aliens haven’t surfaced. They know how we treat other beings who live on our own planet. Imagine what we would do to them.


Like most children in the U.S. soon after I was weaned off my mother’s breasts, I was introduced to cow’s milk (btw very strange that we are the only species in the world who consume another animal’s milk). We are told that dairy milk contains calcium, which we need for strong bones. And calcium is very important for our bone growth and development, but we don’t need to get it from milk.

Milk… What’s With That Stuff?


Studies have shown that people who drink milk don’t have any fewer fractures than non-dairy drinkers. In fact, one particular study in Sweden showed that people who drink more dairy suffer from more fractures and have a higher mortality. Not only this, but people who consume more dairy products have a higher risk of developing cancer, diabetes, acne, digestive problems, and more. No wonder why so many people are lactose intolerant. Milk was once nicknamed “nature’s perfect food.” I think milk is nature’s perfect food… for baby cows. I am not a baby cow and I will not consume something that isn’t meant to be for me. Which is why I am going plant-based. Animals were not put on this Earth to feed, clothe, or entertain me. We are all here for a purpose and to live out our lives peacefully.


If there was a way to eat that was good for your health, helps protect the planet, and saves lives, wouldn’t you do it? It’s not about waiting and relying on the government to change things. We have to do this ourselves. It’s unfortunate that our system doesn’t care about our health, and can take our money to poison us. Enough is enough! Take back control and go plant-based.









What are your thoughts on going plant-based?

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