The Road Trip Checklist | Winter Edition

road trip checklist

The Road Trip Checklist | Winter Time Edition 


The holidays might be over, but your traveling isn’t. Maybe your New Year’s Resolution was to spend more time with family or to travel more. Whatever the reason is you’ll most likely be on the road or on a plane sooner than you think. Laptop chargers, phone chargers, toothpaste… out of all the things you need to pack, you are more likely than not to forget something.

Personally, if I know I’ll be heading out of town, I like to make a little checklist. Usually, if it’s written down, I have a better chance of remembering it. You can use this checklist yourself on your next road trip. This post is not sponsored, but a site called  sent me this great quality canvas duffle bag!


Road Trip Essentials


A Cozy Blanket

road trip checklist

Sometimes you travel with friends who like to blast the AC or roll the window down during Winter. In which case, bring a blanket. You don’t need to bring a huge quilt with you. Just a small blanket that you can throw over you while you are in the car, on a plane, or just chilling in the hotel room.



road trip checklist

It’s important to stay well hydrated during your trip. Obviously, you can stop at gas stations along the way. But I like to keep a few water bottles nearby. You never know when you’re car might break down or when the zombie apocalypse will start. So, it’s best to be prepared.



road trip checklist

This goes for laptops, cell phones, Apple watches, cameras, and any other piece of tech you need a charger for. It’s the worst feeling when you plan on editing a YouTube video and realize 2 states over that you forgot your laptop charger. (been there)



road trip checklist

Planning on working out or listening to a podcast at breakfast? Well, you’re not doing a damn thing without your headphones.



road trip checklist

You never know when an idea or thought might come into your head. I know you can always use your phone to jot down ideas. But there is something raw and meaningful about physically writing something (if you’re not driving, of course). You can also doodle or plan out your trip.



road trip checklist

Who doesn’t get hungry when you’re on the road? Protein bars, walnuts, almonds, dark chocolate, and beef jerky are great road trip snacks. You can even take a small cooler and pack your own meals for the day. I promise it will be cheaper and healthier than any fast food place.  


Hand sanitizer

road trip checklist

You’re touching the steering wheel, your hair, your mouth, public restroom doors… girl, ya nasty. You might not be, but other people are, so don’t forget the hand sanitizer and hand wipes. We all know gas stations aren’t the cleanest.


Hand Lotion

road trip checklist

Artificial heat always dries out my skin. I like to keep a small bottle of lotion with me so that I can add a little moisture to them when they are looking like SpongeBob out of the water. 


Hair clips

road trip checklist

I recently put my hair on the chopping block and made a vow to stop using elastics. (All they do is tear up your hair!) Needless to say, I have opted for the hair clip. So what if they are totally 90s? I’m a proud 90s baby with a full head of healthy hair. You can also just clip them to the strap of your purse or travel bag.


Face Wipes

road trip checklist

You’re driving along through polluted air, dirt, grime. So obviously that stuff is going to get all in your pores. It never fails that I end up with a pimple when I travel. It definitely helps to pack some sort of face wipe or makeup wipe to keep your skin free of sweat and debris.


Change of clothes

road trip checklist

I spill my coffee all over myself just like the next busy person. Which means I’ve learned to pack a change of clothes to keep in reach at all times (especially when traveling). There are bumps and potholes in the road, people slamming on their breaks… messes do happen. Besides, I know I feel gross within a few hours of a road trip. It’s nice to have a fresh outfit to change into.



road trip checklist

Speaking of gross, things come out of your nose, mouth, and other places. It’s always when I have to sneeze that I don’t any napkins, so make sure you pack some or keep them in your glove box.


Shower Cap

road trip checklist

No matter why you are traveling, I’m sure you don’t want to spend most of your mornings styling your hair. Personally, I have frizzy hair that can’t be rocked air dried. This is why shower caps come in handy. I only wash my hair about once a week anyway, so a shower cap is a must have for me. 



Lip Balm

road trip checklist

Lip balm or chap stick is an absolute must have when it comes to travel. My lips usually feel punished by the colder months, wind, and artificial heat. 


road trip checklist

You got the music blasting and the windows rolled down, I see you girl. But there’s just one thing… your hair is a mess! Grab a brush or wide tooth comb to get out the kinks before you’re next stop.


Q Tips

road trip checklist

I include q tips because I am a huge fan. Something about a nice clean ear help me start my day off the right way. 



Toothbrush & Toothpaste

road trip checklist

So you’ve been eating, drinking caffeine or energy drinks (whatever your vice is). Now it’s time for some upkeep. Grab your toothbrush and don’t forget to floss! 


Grocery bag- It only makes sense that trash goes in the trash… so don’t forget a trash bag or grocery bag. At least when you travel with me. Nothing irritates me more than seeing empty chip bags and Gatorade bottles all over my car… or the road. This might also make it easier for you to pack healthier snacks like bananas and mandarins (since you’ll have a place to put the peels in after).




road trip checklist

I don’t know about you, but my hair is not looking so hot when I’m traveling. I usually don’t do much to my hair at all. So it’s wavy and frizzy. If I don’t want to walk in somewhere looking like the wicked witch of the south, I’ll just throw on a beanie. I love hats especially in the winter time because they keep your head nice and warm.


Sunglasses- If you are familiar with the wide open highway, you are no stranger to the bright big sun. Squinting your eyes is not only doing to worsen your vision, but also give you wrinkles. Keep those sunglasses nearby to protect your eyes from those harmful rays. Besides, you like to see right? 



road trip checklist

A few hours into the road trip or flight things might start smelling…. not as fresh as a daisy. In this case, grab a stick of deodorant and throw it in the bag! 


Jacket- Again, the car, hotels, and restaurants can get chilly, so grab a light jacket or sweater to throw on when you are out and about.


Feminine Products- Sorry gentlemen, but as a woman, I deal with that time of the month and have other lady friends who do as well. Just in case you are gone for longer than expected or start earlier than usual (mother nature can be mysterious), pack a few extra pads or tampons. You never know who might them! 



Eye contacts and solutions

road trip checklist

I have pretty terrible vision, so driving without contacts is a “no-no.” I always keep a back up pair of contact lenses with me just in case they get scratched or I somehow lose them. 



road trip checklist

Most places have wifi these days, so bring your laptop. You don’t have to miss out on any school or work deadlines. 


Book- When you don’t want to stare at your phone the whole trip, bring a book. I like to unwind in the evening with a mind bender and some hot tea. 


Face Mask

road trip checklist

I like to do a face mask at least once a week. So if I’m going to be gone long, I don’t let this interrupt my flow. Peel off  or sheet masks are awesome because they usually dry fast and come off easily. 


Face Cleanser

road trip checklist

Whether or not you are stopping at a hotel, you can always wash your face as long as you have water. You can stop at a public restroom or just pull over and use a water bottle. Either way, it’s important to clean yo face. 


Dry Shampoo

I honestly only wash and condition my hair once a week, so dry shampoo is super helpful the other days of the week.


Protein powder/ Blender bottle

road trip checklist

Just because you are on the road, doesn’t mean you have to lose all your gains. Keep fueling your body with protein and whole foods as much as you can. It’s not the most appetizing, but just adding some protein powder and water to a blender bottle can help supplement at least 15-30 grams of protein! 



road trip checklist

My daily facial moisturizer contains 30 SPF, so I just smooth out a layer on my skin and I’m protected for the day. You might think your skin doesn’t get damaged from the sun. But even that short walk between your front door and car can harm your skin. The sun also beams in through your windshield, which can do a number on your face during long rides.


A Snazzy Bag

road trip checklist

Of course you need a stylish travel duffel bag to take with you on your trip. I absolutely love this bag from It has plenty of pockets for you to organize your things. It’s comfortable to carry around with it’s adjustable shoulder strap and soft handles. I love how durable and thick the quality is, so I’m hoping it will last a long time.


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What is one thing you can’t leave behind? 

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