My Daily Workout Routine Log-November

daily workout routine

Hey, there! It’s Heather again. I have been keeping track with my daily workout routine over the past few weeks. My ACE personal training books came in the mail the other day, so it gave me the motivation to share my journey. Let me know what you think in the comments and feel free to check out my new YouTube Channel! I’m so excited to be abe to connect with you guys in more ways than text. I’d love to hear from you. Enjoy!

Week 1

Nov 13 Sunday:

Running for my English bulldog’s health and for myself. I knew I couldn’t go at a fast speed because he is a bit overweight. I am just now starting to run him. We ran for about 10 minutes and walked for 4 minutes.

Within a few hours of the jog, my calves and arms already felt sore. I was riding the runner’s high while I watched the Cowboys v. Steelers game. They are on fire with their new quarterback, Dak Prescott.

Nov 14 Monday

Run tracker app- runtastic: mile-1:24 Time 17:55 Calories: 134
Today, I took my English Mastiff with me on my run. She is not one for walks, needlessly to say it was a battle most of the way. She wanted to walk in front of me and slow down. Oh, it was just great. During the last quarter mile, she decided to stop in the middle on the road. I was extra annoyed because I just downloaded a running app. My goal was to track an accurate mile. My time was 17:55 at 1:24 miles, but I had a stubborn Mastiff I had to pull along the way.

Nov 16 Wednesday

Today was too windy to run, so I kept my workout inside. I worked on my core with a fitness blender video and 10 minutes of cardio kickboxing. My shirt was dripping sweat by the end of my session. I burned somewhere between 100-150 calories today! Hopefully, the weather will let me run and I can get an accurate time on my mile.

Nov 17 Thursday

I just got finished with my run. I tried to run a mile, but of course wasn’t able to finish. Taking my pit bull sounded like a good idea, but he wanted to stop and smell the roses (and pee on them) the whole time. I used my Runstastic app and ran .91 miles in 12:48 After I got home, I worked my core out for about 8 minutes. I feel tight and strong today.

Nov 19 Saturday

Well, I gave my pit bull another chance. He did so good! We got the best time of the week and he really did so good. I’m a proud mother. I turned on my Runtastic app and clocked in at 11:39 in 1 mile. Best day ever! I feel like I’m getting my groove back and can’t wait until the next run.

Week 2:

Nov 20 Sunday

I guess I pushed my pit too much yesterday. We clocked in at 6:23 in .33 miles and then he decided to stop. Lol. We were going too slow of a pace anyway. I must be pushing these little fatties too hard. Instead of fighting with him the whole time, I walked him back and started over without any puppies. Even though I was already tired, I beat my times this week with 10:53 in 1 mile. It took everything I had to finish, but I feel amazing now and excited to work on my core in an hour or so. I ran longer than I anticipated today, so my body will thank me later.

I did 5 sets of 25 straight leg crunches and also 5 sets of 25 Russian twists. My core feels nice and tight!


Nov 22 Tuesday

I kept it simple today and stuck to indoor exercise. I did 10 minutes of random dancing in my living room. There’s a song I love right now and put it on replay. Then I did a few minutes of ab work:

5 sets of 25 straight leg crunches
3 sets of 25 v sit ups
3 sets of standing abs (both sides)

Nov 26 Saturday

My routine got out of whack because of the holidays, but I took it back outside today. I ran 1 mile in 10:26! My best time thus far. My motivation was running off all this turkey and stuffing. I also power walked the short way to my house, which was about ½ mile. When I got home I cooled down with a set of lunges and rested for an hour or so. Then I did some ab work for a little over 7 minutes with this fantastic video I found on YouTube:

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