The Best HIIT Shoes You Can Buy

HIIT workouts are hard enough, but when you don’t have the proper footwear, it seems impossible. How are you suppose to do lateral jumps when your shoes are sliding and your ankle is rolling? Wearing the right shoes is just as important as drinking enough water. You can prevent back pain and knee injuries with proper shoe wear. I wanted to give you some tips for buying the right kind and share my recommendations on which HIIT shoes are best. 

What You Want In A HIIT Shoe

Support From All Angles:

Unlike running shoes where the cushioning is focused on the soles, shoes for HIIT should have support in the front, back, and sides. You are performing a variety of movements that are more than forward movement. You are moving to the sides, in reverse, and jumping, so you need to be well supported. A wider base will also help stabilize your body during workouts, but make sure you don’t leave any room in between your foot and the shoe.

Breathable Material:  You are going to get sweaty doing 3 sets of 30-second squat jumps. And you are already wearing breathable clothes, so make sure your shoes match. Moisture wicking shoes are great because they help keep you cooler. You also don’t want to buy anything too bulky.

No Slip, Perfect Grip: High-intensity interval training requires quick and explosive movements. And you don’t need a shoe that feels like you are stepping over banana peels. Shoes that have the best traction will have firm outside soles that won’t slow you down.

Built To Last: The rapid movements involved in HIIT tears up your shoes as much as your muscles. Always look for high-quality shoes that are made for wear and tear. Shoes that are supported with technology like DuraCage work great for HIIT. Your heel also needs to be supported so that you can absorb the intense landings



What are your recommendations for the perfect HIIT shoe? 

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