The Power of Meditation

What is Meditation?

The purpose of meditation is to calm and quiet your mind and achieve a state of mental awareness. In other words, to be in the moment. The average person has thousands of thoughts running through their head everyday. The majority of these thoughts, however are usually negative and do not contribute to your well being and success. While exercise trains the body for maximum performance, the practice of meditation allows you to train your mind to be at peace.

Happiness and bliss do not exist in the physical world, but can only be felt in the inner world. If you can achieve a peaceful mind, you are able to feel genuine happiness and free yourself from all emotional distress.The regular practice of meditation can help train your mind to be at peace in the most dreadful times in your life.

Everyone has heard that children’s minds are like sponges. On the contrary, everyone’s minds are like sponges. When things seem to be going well in our lives, we are overall content and happy. When external circumstances get in the way of what we want, we feel disappointed and unsatisfied. For example, a child picking out a lollipop in a candy store is looking forward to tasting the sour apple on her tongue, but after she eats it only wants another one.
It seems impossible to control our very busy mind because of the major changes in our mood. These fluctuations surface because of the close attachments we have to friends, family and possessions.
With the practice of meditation, we begin to create a balanced and stable mind despite worldly situations. You can experience a true inner peace and appreciate every aspect of your life.

Benefits of Meditation

Everyone has an idea of what meditation is, but why bother? There aren’t enough hours in a day as it is. Where do you find that extra ten or fifteen minutes? If you have enough time to like pictures on IG, you have enough time to meditate. In the present day, stress and anxiety are at high levels. Meditation helps to free you of worry and allow you to experience true inner calmness. Improved concentration and communication, a sense of healing and energy and relaxation are among numerous benefits of meditation. You can enrich your life with the regular practice of meditation.
Meditation doesn’t have an end goal, but produces powerful results including mental and physical wellness. The practice of meditation increases happiness and improves your well being. But on a deeper level, it’s about getting to know your own mind.

How do you meditate?

It’s important as a beginner to start with 2-5 minute sessions. At first, it will be difficult to sit still with an empty mind for a long period of time. You can gradually increase the number of minutes and even practice meditation multiple times a day. Remember to use this time to forget your worries and stress. You can practice by focusing on your breath, or repeating a word or mantra. How you go about it, doesn’t really matter. It simply involves turning your attention away from your thoughts and be present. Understand that there are no set rules for meditation.

You may choose to close your eyes or keep them open. You might prefer lying down instead of sitting. Meditate however you feel is the right way. Besides, this practice is suppose to help you connect and work with your inner mind. If your thoughts begin to arise, simply imagine them as balloons floating through the sky. You see it and now it’s gone. You shouldn’t obsess over whether or not your mind is free from thought. It’s completely natural for the human mind to not shut off.

Meditation is all about the mind and body connection. Whichever position you choose to be in, remember if you’re body is balanced, your mind will also be balanced. Notice your breath without trying to control it. You can meditate in the dark or light your favorite candles. The location where you decided to meditate should make you feel comfortable and further ease you into a relaxed state of mind. Relax all the muscles in your body, including your face. Try meditating with a gentle smile to remind yourself to be happy.

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