The Problem With Fat Acceptance

The fat acceptance movement has gotten way out of hand, so we’re going to have a conversation about that. No one should be mocked, bullied, or ridiculed for the way they look. Looks don’t last forever, so always choose health over aesthetics. You aren’t defined by your appearance. You can be obese and beautiful, but you can’t be obese and healthy. And yes, everyone deserves to love themselves, but love is simply a word if you don’t take action. If you’re obese, but keep saying you love and accept the way you are, you’re choosing self-harm over self love. Giving into your food addictions and laziness is not self love. Sometimes the best thing to do is tell yourself “no”. Loving yourself doesn’t mean giving into everything you want because you feel like you deserve it. Too much of anything is bad whether it’s drinking too much vodka or eating too many potato chips. No one looks at an alcoholic and says “they must really love themselves”. Ultimate self love is practicing habits that are going to improve the quality of your life. Sure, we only live once and we should enjoy the ride. But how long will the ride last if you don’t perform maintenance on the roller coaster? If you want to live a long, healthy life, you’ve got to take care of the vessel you’re in. 

Fat acceptance has created this excuse to be lazy because you’re beautiful just the way you are. Fuck that. You’re not going to be beautiful when you can’t get out of bed or walk down the hallway. Everyone’s beautiful in their own right, but you cannot be fat and healthy. Obviously, women come in more sizes than a 2 and we should celebrate our individuality. But celebrating obesity is irresponsible. There’s a reason why you don’t see 80 year old obese people walking around. Obesity comes with a myriad of health issues like diabetes, cancer, hypertension, and heart disease that will end your life sooner than you’re ready. Over 300,000 preventable, obese related deaths happen every year. Meanwhile, we have fat acceptance supporters making it normal to binge and ignore the link between too much fat in your body and the health risks that come with it. Fat acceptance should be accepting the state you’re in and taking the proper steps to change.

What does fat acceptance mean to you? 

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  1. I think having fats in general is a taboo or bad for others. I think it’s all about acceptance and respect as others may have health problems and not necessarily a lifestyle problem.

    1. The majority of obese people don’t have those medical conditions that you’re talking about that prevent them from losing weight. They make up a very small percentage. Of course we should accept everyone, but true self love is making the effort to improve the quality of your life.

    1. Exactly! Everything in life worth having takes work and health is definitely one of those things. Thanks so much for your comment. 💗

    1. It’s not about having time, it’s about making time. Most people live busy lives just like you. It’s also not just about looking good, it’s about feeling good.

  2. I am still struggling with weight issues because I have metabolic resistance syndrome. It’s very hard for me to lose weight unlike other people. So, thanks for this. I don’t need to be sexy. I want to be healthy (inside and out). 🙂

    1. This isn’t directed towards people with medical conditions that make it hard to lose weight because that’s not the majority. No one needs to be sexy, but everyone deserves to be healthy.

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