5 Vegan Pre Workout Meal Ideas

 Why Do You Need A Pre Workout Meal?


Everyone could use a little pre workout. And I’m not talking about supplements. You can get all the energy and strength from food. And if you’re plant-based, maybe you’re wondering what to eat. This post is dedicated to showing you some vegan pre workout meal ideas.


If you want to get the most out of your workout, nutrition is key. You know that moment towards the end of your workout when you feel like you can’t go on? That could be because your fatiguing the shit out of your muscles. But it could also be because you didn’t give your body enough nutrients to convert to energy. A nutritious pre workout snack or meal can help increase your energy & recovery during exercise.


You want to focus on protein and carbs when you pick your pre workout snack. That’s right, don’t avoid carbs (ever), especially before exercise. Carbohydrates help to fuel muscles, which give you a little boost of strength and protein helps to repair them. However, you don’t want to over do it on the protein. Protein takes a lot of energy to digest, and we want our food to digest before we start our workout.


High fat foods can cause gastrointestinal issues if you eat them shortly before a workout. So you may want to avoid fatty foods, but always listen to your body. I can get away with eating some almonds or pistachios before exercise and it doesn’t bother me. But this might not be the case for you.


Generally, the best time to consume your pre workout meal is 1-3 hours before training. I typically workout in the mornings, so I usually eat something full of carbs the night before. I’ll also have a small snack before my actual workout like oatmeal with raisins. But I wanted to share some breakfast and dinner ideas because everyone has different schedules.


vegan pre workout meal ideas


Oatmeal is a great source of clean carbohydrates! Whole grains help to keep your blood sugar levels stable during exercise. Adding in nuts will increase the protein content and fruit will break down faster for energy.



Besides being tasty, bananas help to increase glycogen stores to be used as energy later in your workout. Bananas are also a good source of potassium, which is important because you lose electrolytes through sweat. You could eat a peanut butter banana sandwich an hour or two before exercise or just eat one by itself 30 minuted before training!


vegan pre workout meal ideas

Rice cakes

Rice cakes have a low glycemic index, which means the carbs release slower in the body. This is a perfect pre workout snack before lifting! Throw a tablespoon of peanut butter for some slow digesting protein or a few slices of fruit on top. You can also load it up with salsa with avocado if your stomach can handle it!


Sweet potato

We all have a sweet tooth! But when you start building muscle, you might choose to cut out sugary foods. This is great, but you might start binging on sweets if you feel too restrictive. Fortunately, there are nutritious sweet options like sweet potatoes. Full of carbs and naturally sweet… just like me. In all seriousness, they are also a great source of potassium!


vegan pre workout meal ideas

Brown rice

Brown rice is another clean source of carbs that digest slow to keep you energized throughout your workout. Carbohydrates contain glucose, which is your body’s favorite energy source. You can make a veggie rice bowl with black beans or tofu 2 hours before exercise.



What is your favorite pre workout snack?


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