When To Replace Running Shoes & How To Get Fitted

When To Replace Running Shoes & How To Get Fitted


Proper footwear is so important in preventing injuries, especially in the lower extremities. Remember that if you run, hike, play tennis, or any other specific activity at least twice a week, you should buy shoes designed for that sport. The easiest thing would be to buy a pair of cross-trainers if you are going to be doing multiple activities like running and weightlifting. Here are a few tips when buying running shoes and when to replace them. 


Tips On Getting Fitted:

  • Get fitted towards the end of the day because your foot tends to swell up to a ½ size. Your feet also increase in size during exercise.
  • There should be a space small (about as big as the width of your index finger) in between the front of your shoe and your toes. You never know when you will be wearing thicker socks, so this extra space prevents scrunched toes. Try to wiggle your toes without your heel slipping.
  • Move your feet in circular motions when you’re trying on a pair of trainers. This will allow you to notice any pinching or rubbing, which cause blisters.
  • Make sure that you wear the same material socks that you are going to be normally be wearing with your new shoes. Coolmax socks are very breathable and designed for running.


When To Replace:

  • You are more susceptible to injuries when the shoes aren’t absorbing the pounding action. You should replace them every 3-6 months or 350-500 miles
  • Shoes can also wear down unevenly. If you have lost traction on the bottom of the shoes, they will become flat.

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