Workout Clothing Haul On A Budget

Workout Clothing Haul

Hey guys! So, I’ve always had an interest for fashion, but since I’ve started my fitness journey, I tend to notice workout clothing more. After my birthday, I hit up a few stores in the mall as well as Ross. Of course, I found some cute outfits, but I found a lot of really cute workout clothes. I understand that it’s winter, but not everywhere in the world is freezing. Las Vegas has been staying in the 50’s during the day.

I don’t normally shop at Nike or Dick’s Sporting Goods for my workout clothing. Ross, TJ Max, and Marshalls are every broke girl’s dream. Seriously, you can find major deals on fitness fashion. I hope this gives you guys a little motivation to get that blood flow pumping. Here is my large and in charge workout clothing haul on a budget. Don’t forget to comment and subscribe if you enjoy the post!


Outfit #1:

Sports Bra- Umbro

Bottoms: NYL


Outfit #2:

Sports Bra: Just One

Bottoms: Nike


Outfit #3:

Sports Bra: XIA

Bottoms: Reebok



Outfit #4:

Sports Bra: Sobra Sport

Bottoms: Spaulding


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