Why I Am Going Plant-Based | Exposing The Truth


I’m Going Plant-based??   I am going plant-based because I don’t want to have animal cruelty as part of my lifestyle in a world where it is considered normal and necessary. In our past history, we have normalized male dominance, slavery, and abuse. Does a society get to dictate what is moral?   We all…

Sexy Shredded Dumbbell Shoulder Circuit

dumbbell shoulder

Hey foxy ladies! I hope you are ready for another dumbbell shoulder circuit. We are training all 3 deltoid muscles today, so get ready to smash it out. This complete shoulder workout will help give you the sexy capped shoulder look you’re wanting. All you’ll need for this workout is a set of dumbbells and…

Self Care Ideas: 5 Tips For Taking Care Of You!

self care ideas

Self Care Ideas & Tips for Taking Care of You! Hey ladies! Self-love is one of those things that if you can conquer, you can handle anything that comes your way. Being able to just be happy with ourselves is an irreplaceable feeling. But learning to love and accept your strengthens and weaknesses can be…

Banana Mango Protein Smoothie

banana mango protein smoothie

Banana Mango Protein Smoothie       Personally, I LOVE smoothies. I remember my stepmom making me some on the weekends. Berries, banana, chocolate, you name it, I’ve probably had it. But the older I’ve gotten the stronger my appreciation has grown for smoothies. You see, I love to eat as much as the next…

Lower Body Barbell Workout | At Home or Gym

lowr body barbell workout

Legs Barbell Workout   Hey, there Foxy Nation! This week I have a killer lower body barbell workout for you to try at the gym. Or maybe you have a barbell laying around in your garage. We are hitting the quads, hamstrings, and glutes with super traditional exercises. You don’t need to focus on isolation…

Low-Fat No Bake Energy Balls Recipe

energy balls

Low-Fat No Bake Energy Bites Recipe         Hello sexy foxes. Today, I wanted to share a recipe that I’ve been making in bulk! I have seen a lot of no-bake energy balls recipes, but a lot of them contain a little too much fat for me. I’ve been dabbling with powdered peanut…

6 Tips To Live A Little Healthier Everyday

healthier life

Tips To Live A Healthier Life   I learned a lot from my parents growing up. But one lesson resonated with me the most: take care of your body. My mom threw me in sports when I was a kid and told me to eat my veggies so I’d grow up big and strong. And…

5 Things I Wished I Knew Before I Started My Fitness Journey

my fitness journey

5 Things I Wish I Knew Before Starting My Fitness Journey     If you think that living a healthy life should be easy, you couldn’t be more wrong. Of course I’m not trying to deter or scare you away from developing a healthy lifestyle. However, I do want you to have a realistic expectation…

6 Tips to Combat Period Pain

period pain

Tips to Make That Time of The Month Not So Hellish   I know you feel exhausted and so much discomfort, but we all know the show must go on. Work, relationships, and life don’t get put on pause just because it’s that time of the month. From controlling our mood to performing everyday activities,…

Learn How To (Sorta) Enjoy Exercise

enjoy exercise

Learn How To (Sorta) Like Exercise   Exercise is already hard, why would you like getting sweaty, red faced, and feeling like your heart is going to bust out of your chest? There’s so many better things to do with your time anyway, right? And there’s no way to learn how to enjoy exercise. Maybe…

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